With deep technical expertise and a proven approach, we help clients adopt and consume IBM Cloud® platform technologies through the implementation of production-ready use cases.


We accelerate and enhance business outcomes, with impact and expertise.

In 2022 the shake-up of a global pandemic has led to a shake-out of markets, where consumers drive new agendas and businesses will need to embrace new models. This is the year when the global economy will surpass USD 100 trillion for the first time, growing by 4% globally.


faster speed to outcomes


more likely to achieve a successful rollout


as many projects into production*


*”The Total Economic Impact of IBM Garage,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, October 2020

The benefits of working with us

IBM Cloud Expert Labs are the IBM Public Cloud platform services professionals.

We know our cloud better than anyone else and are here to help you on your journey, no matter where you’re starting from. Our team includes IBM Distinguished Engineers, IBM Senior Technical Staff Members, and highly skilled technical professionals with the expertise to partner with our clients for any cloud-native applications requirements on IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud® is the most open and secure cloud for business, with a next-generation hybrid platform, expertise across 20 industries and advanced AI capabilities. Organizations choose IBM Cloud because it offers a unique combination of benefits, including flexibility of open-source technology, a global footprint and low prices.

Deep platform architecture skills

Our team of architects and engineers are trained and skilled in cloud platform capabilities, leveraging an agile, business-centered approach to guarantee impactful results, quickly reducing customer costs and risks in adopting IBM Cloud and help derive maximum value.

Advisory services

We provide advisory and architectural services to effectively create solutions on IBM Cloud. Our experts help transform client’s technology landscapes by focusing on business objectives and desired outcomes.

Assets to accelerate impact

We leverage reusable assets, including reference architectures, tools and automation to rapidly deliver across all IBM Cloud technologies.


Get to know more about how IBM Cloud Expert Labs’ four key practice areas can work for you — increasing your adoption and the impact of cloud on your business.

Platform adoption

Drive workloads to IBM Cloud from on-premises environments or from other clouds with deep cloud architectural, building and migration skills. The platform adoption practice makes it quicker, cheaper and easier to move your VMware, IBM Power, ROKS and VPC workloads to IBM Cloud.

What we do

  • Advise and plan to define the best solution architecture for your needs
  • Use best-practice methodologies to provision and configure target solutions
  • Migrate workloads or assist you in migrating workloads
  • Provide guidance and best practices to operate workloads in cloud environments


What you get

  • Integrated, low-level solution architectures
  • Rapid solution building and workload migration, with minimal downtime
  • Optimized workload operation in IBM Cloud

IBM Regulated Cloud

Design the migration strategy for regulated workloads, implement infrastructure and environment with built-in security, and migrate workloads for regulatory obligations.

What we do

  • Capture Day 2 operations and governance needs
  • Map controls framework for compliancy
  • Review workloads and platform for regulatory impact
  • Design target platform and workload architectures
  • Modernize and migrate workloads to the regulated environment


What you get

  • Documented Day 2 operations definition
  • Defined compliance framework for your environment
  • Target architecture to support regulated needs
  • Functioning environment running regulated workloads

Hosted applications and infrastructure management on IBM Cloud

Reduce friction associated with running/managing cloud applications and tap the value of market-ready solutions.

What we do

  • Manage and develop applications on IBM Cloud
  • Manage infrastructure components on IBM Cloud, including specialties such as AEM on ROKS for FS Cloud and Organized Retail Crime Detection Service


What you get

  • Your application hosted in the IBM Cloud and accessible through the IBM Cloud catalog.
  • Managed service to run Adobe Experience Manager in the IBM Cloud for Financial Services
  • Access to secure data analysis to uncover organized crime patterns

Cloud-native engineering

Design, build and deploy cloud-native applications with a modern, distributed cloud approach.

What we do

  • Co-create new cloud-native applications, leveraging the best practices and benefits of modern approaches
  • Work with clients to modernize their existing applications, injecting modern practices and approaches
  • Introduce modern DevSecOps practices to automate and streamline a client’s delivery pipeline


What you get

  • New cloud-native apps running in production in IBM Cloud
  • Existing apps modernized with cloud-native practices
  • Enhanced delivery pipeline featuring automated tool chains on IBM Cloud, tailored to your needs.

Client stories

Read how we helped our clients. Reach out to see what we can do for you.

American Airlines

The airline needed a new technology platform and dev approach to help it deliver digital self-service tools and customer value.

The Climate Service

Businesses must consider climate change. Enter The Climate Service (TCS), helping integrate climate data into decision-making.

Next steps

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