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In the current circumstances, you need the ability to operate anywhere. IBM Cloud™ and AI solutions can help you adapt to changes with a secure, flexible cloud and digital services for mobility, virtualization, collaboration and support.

Boost efficiency and agility with cloud-based solutions for remote working

Create a digital workplace that enables employees to work agilely, collaboratively, and more securely — with access to specialized support mechanisms to address increased digital workplace issues.

Workplace virtualization

IBM Workplace Virtualization Services provide comprehensive virtualization managed services on any device, allowing employees to work remotely and more securely.

Remote team collaboration

Enable high-speed file sharing using the IBM Aspera® on Cloud service. The offering includes built-in security and allows users anywhere to use their available bandwidth to exchange large files and data sets quickly and reliably.

Unified Communications as a Service

Employ a basic Unified Communications as a Service offering through IBM Cloud services for a consistent experience from any device from any location. Workers can then move easily to remote locations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact Center as a Service

Use the cloud-based IBM Contact Center as a Service offering to help contact center agents work from remote locations while maintaining access to the basic features required of the contact center.

Move critical workloads to the most open and secure public cloud for business

The IBM public cloud is the only cloud that is built on an open-source foundation with Kubernetes as its control plane and Red Hat® OpenShift® as its application deployment platform. IBM Cloud clients can rely on security capabilities like Keep Your Own Keys (KYOK), where only you have access to your data. IBM Cloud is resilient with multi-zone regions for high availability, and ready for workloads that run on VMware, x86, IBM Power® and z Systems® platforms.

Quickly extend VMware workloads to the cloud

Get started in minutes running your VMware workloads in the cloud with a 90-day, 500 USD credit for IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared.

Store critical data in the cloud

Securely store your data in the cloud and access when you need it the most with a 90-day, 1,500 USD credit for IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Add public cloud with IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC

Create a more secure, private space on the public cloud. The space scales like a public cloud and helps protect data or apps like a private cloud.

Modernize applications to reduce costs and achieve digital readiness

It’s essential to modernize your applications to adapt to changing consumer behavior and deliver new business value through digital channels. Application modernization brings far greater cost savings than migration alone, and in a fraction of the time of a total application rewrite. IBM helps you transform applications 46% faster than manual methods*, so you can optimize costs and deliver with security and resiliency.

Unlock immediate value and lower application costs

Develop an application strategy and roadmap that reduces costs and frees up resources to drive business growth.

Modernize applications across your entire environment

IBM and Red Hat deliver value and flexibility to modernize applications wherever and whenever you need, with an open hybrid multicloud platform.

Accelerate digital readiness

Bring together IT and business stakeholders virtually to quickly create and scale new ideas that can dramatically impact your business.

Ensuring business continuity while accelerating transformation

Only 20% of mission critical workloads have been moved to the cloud**, making it difficult to maintain business continuity while transforming IT operations. You can fully optimize your hybrid cloud and accelerate transformation by leveraging internal and external resources to solve current challenges. IBM can provide the necessary industry skillsets, support services, and financing options to operationalize IT solutions in weeks.

Minimize risk exposure with security and resiliency

IBM provides threat intelligence, high-touch incident response and rapid recovery to mitigate the impact of cyberattacks and network-related downtime.

Manage technologies for business continuity

Operational disruption impacts your workforce's ability to manage hybrid cloud environments. IBM can help reduce provisioning and switchover time.

Obtain visibility and support of mission-critical systems

Augment existing IT teams and keep mission-critical systems running with IBM remote technical services — to free up your IT department to manage vendors, reduce downtime and mean time to repair (MTTR) by up to 22%.***

Scale the value of your data and accelerate your journey to AI

Fueled by data, AI is transforming how businesses operate and deliver value, while improving efficiencies across the organization. With workflows becoming more intelligent, future outcomes can be shaped, interactions can be more personalized, and organizations can adapt at the speed of change to meet their customer needs.

IBM Watson® Assistant

Deliver faster, more accurate answers around COVID-19 for customers, employees and citizens.

Immediately reduce IT costs

Reduce operational costs with a unified platform that integrates all your data and AI needs to meet your ever-changing business.

Manage risk and business continuity

Identify the people, critical assets and processes for creating business continuity plans using IBM OpenPages® with Watson™.

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