Assessment and Leadership

IBM HR Summit, London 2017: The Power of Transforming HR

2017 represents a tremendously exciting year for all of us that work within, enable, or service the HR community. Only 12 months ago we sat in 155 Bishopsgate talking about the potential transformation of the HR function as we entered the Cognitive era. It is incredible to think that one year later we were able to […]

Cognitive HR

Ask Watson: Key takeaways from IBM HR Summit, London 2017

My key takeaway from the IBM HR Summit in London were that organizations, and HR functions in particular, are either in the throes of, or are considering a change in strategy given the demands of the automated future of work that we are all facing.  This was reinforced throughout by a number of sessions where […]

Employee Engagement

Part One –The “Me” in Engagement: The Importance for Practitioners to Balance Individual and Organisational Needs for Achieving Organisational Performance

Our research shows improving Employee Engagement by just 0.25 points can increase diluted earnings per share by $0.34 USD.  This increase in performance is achieved through several processes: Increased employee motivation and discretionary effort (With a resultant increase in role performance) Staying longer with an organisation (thereby retaining valuable skills and knowledge, and minimising turnover […]

Discover the Sweet Spot for Cognitive HR

The use of cognitive computing or artificial intelligence in the field of human resources (HR) is receiving growing attention. While the more ‘tech-minded’ might already be eagerly exploring new cognitive solutions, many practitioners are likely taking a more measured approach and would welcome guidance about just when, where and how to best use cognitive applications […]

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Balancing the Roles of Risk and Innovation on Customer Experience

Businesses of today face many new challenges on a daily basis, and organisations are asking employees to be more innovative in their approach in order to generate better solutions for their customers. Organisations are no longer asking just for more of the same effort from employees, but more novel effort to stimulate innovation. Join IBM’s […]

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See you at IOP 2017

Join us at The Australian Psychological Society’s 12th Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference in Sydney, Australia from July 13 to 15, 2017. The IBM psychologists are currently busy finalising content for the following sessions: The role of psychologists in training Watson (IBM’s AI computer system) The impact of cognitive computing on organisations and employees The […]

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Successful People Analytics – Ensure Employee Buy-In by Taking Data Privacy Preferences Seriously

“When your company does not trust you, why should you trust your company?” A responsible approach to using employee data for People Analytics initiatives should go beyond legalities. Acting according to existing laws is the minimum requirement, but implementing a successful People Analytics project also depends on the buy-in of your employees and that means […]

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Making Telework, Work: Insights from SIOP 2017

An IBM-convened panel at SIOP 2017 explored the benefits and challenges of remote working. With perspectives from academia as well as public and private sectors, the consistent message was that teleworking works, and that associated challenges can be managed with careful planning and communication. Academic research from the University of Guelph in Canada, highlighted the […]

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Moving Towards Continuous Listening – What the Future Holds

The traditional approach of annual or every other year employee opinion surveys is evolving. At this year’s SIOP conference, four organizations that have already moved towards a more continuous approach to listening to their employees shared their view on what the future holds. Joining panel chair Chris Lovato from IBM were speakers sharing perspectives from […]

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How Top Talent Work for your Organization has Evolved from a Resource to a Movement

The entire concept of HR – finding and retaining talent and managing everyday operations – is in the midst of a transformation so profound that within a matter of a few short years, we’ll hardly recognize the data-overloaded, paper centric, labor intensive practice performed by millions of hard-working professionals. And, let’s be frank: without HR, […]

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Workplace Automation and the Future of I-O Psychology

“We’re infusing technology in what we do and dynamically changing the way we work.” That’s how Jackie Ryan started her contribution to the panel session on workplace automation at SIOP 2017, the annual conference for industrial-organizational psychologists. Jackie, fellow IBMers, Jenna Shapiro and Chris Lovato, Jerilyn Hayward from ServiceMaster, Steve Kozlowski from Michigan State University […]

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We’re Headed to SIOP 2017! Join Us to See How Mobile Assessment Makes Small Screens Become Mainstream.

Later this week I’ll be heading to Orlando for SIOP’s annual conference, and while having Disney World outside of my hotel sounds enticing, I’ll be (surprisingly) thrilled to pack in some crowded conference room time to learn about the latest research and practice in our field. Before we knew “data scientists” presenting “people analytics” could […]

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