Upgrade policy

IBM Aspera® supports upgrades against the two most recent versions of a release. Any tickets submitted for products preceding the two most recent versions will be referred to professional services for assistance to upgrade.

Transfer server software

IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server

Enable high-speed transfers of files, directories and large data sets using desktop, mobile and web applications.

IBM Aspera Streaming

Provide highly efficient transfer of video streams or data feeds over commodity Internet WANs as they are being created or captured.

IBM Aspera Sync

Enable maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs to handle today’s biggest data.

Requirements: Sync requires downloads of High-Speed Transfer Server and High-Speed Transfer Endpoint

IBM Aspera Proxy Server

Protect your organization’s network while enabling secure, high-speed transfers for client users within highly restrictive network environments.

Client software

IBM Aspera Connect

Push the limits of maximum-speed transfers. Aspera Connect helps you securely move files and folders of any size. Installation is free and easy!

IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Endpoint

Initiate and automate high-speed transfers with Aspera transfer servers from the Desktop.

IBM Aspera Drive

Exchange, share and synchronize large files and directories directly from the desktop.

IBM Aspera Cargo

Extend person-to-person file delivery workflows with automatic downloading and consolidation of Faspex™ packages received from multiple Faspex instances.

IBM Aspera Command Line Interface

Automate IBM Aspera Faspex and Shares tasks without having to do additional coding, providing an alternative to using API's for the same functionality.

IBM Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Extend IBM Aspera’s global person-to-person file delivery and collaboration capabilities to Outlook users.

IBM Aspera Desktop Client

Enable high-speed, easy and secure transfers of large file and data sets from the desktop.

IBM Aspera Avid Plug-in

Enable integrated, high-speed transport of high resolution media between Avid Interplay Production workgroups enabling near-real time collaboration.

IBM Aspera Crypt

Decrypt packages sent with encryption at rest and configure decryption settings.

Web applications

IBM Aspera Faspex

Enable high-speed, global person-to-person file sending of large files and folders using an email-style workflow.

IBM Aspera Shares

Share and exchange large files and directories directly from the desktop quickly and securely.

IBM Aspera Console

Provides full visibility, reporting and management of the Aspera high-speed transfer environment.

IBM Aspera Orchestrator

Automate virtually any file-based workflow to seamlessly move data between any location, whether on premises or in public or private cloud platforms.

IBM Aspera Virtual Catcher

Replace expensive legacy satellite delivery systems with high-speed FASP® transfers.

Mobile applications

IBM Aspera Uploader Mobile

Upload photos or videos from your media library, or directly from your device's camera to IBM Aspera servers.

IBM Aspera Faspex Mobile

Upload and download packages to and from IBM Aspera Faspex servers from your mobile device.

IBM Aspera Drive Mobile

Browse, upload, and download files to and from mobile-enabled IBM Aspera Shares or transfer servers.

IBM Aspera On Cloud Mobile

Support file- and package-oriented actions in conjunction with your IBM Aspera on Cloud SaaS solution.

On Demand

IBM Aspera Transfer Cluster Manager

Deploy, manage and monitor fleets of IBM Aspera clusters in the cloud.

IBM Aspera Server on Demand

Deploy IBM Aspera client and server product bundles offered with a usage based license model.

IBM Aspera Faspex on Demand Server

Exchange files and directories through a simple web and email interface.

IBM Aspera Shares on Demand

Share content in the form of files and directories of any size within their organization or with external customers and partners.