Experience the ultimate in speed and reliability

Move data at maximum speed

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Remove the bottlenecks of distance and network congestion, enabling high-speed delivery when and where you need it.

Get high-quality, any-bit-rate streaming

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Enable error-free transport of any-bit-rate video with near-zero latency over any distance.

Keep your data transfers secure

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Protect data with user access controls, AES data encryption, and data-integrity verification.

Aspera data transfer technical documents and downloads

Aspera Faspex data sheet

Read how Aspera Faspex enables global sending of large files and folders using an email-style workflow.

IBM Aspera FASP® paper

Learn how Aspera uses existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware to transfer hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP.

Streaming broadcast video over IP networks

Discover how Aspera streaming technology offers minimal delay and consistent delivery rates.

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