Empower global collaboration — anytime

Easily access and share files

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Store and access your data across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers.

Send large files at maximum speed

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Exchange files of any size over any distance at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions.

Rely on comprehensive security

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Protect data with built-in security that includes user authentication, AES encryption and more.

See Aspera in action

Drag-and-drop data transfer

Screenshot showing drag-and-drop data transfer in IBM Aspera on Cloud

Drag-and-drop data transfer

Users can drag and drop data to transfer it between cloud and on-premises storage.

Share files

Screenshot showing files sent to a shared dropbox using IBM Aspera on Cloud

Share files

Uses can send packages of files to a shared dropbox where their colleagues can access them.

Transfer visibility

Screenshot showing transfer activity dashboard in IBM Aspera on Cloud

Transfer visibility

Users can gain end-to-end visibility into their Aspera transfer environments.

Automate workflows

Screenshot showing workflow automation in IBM Aspera on Cloud

Automate workflows

With Aspera technology, users can design fully automated file-based workflows.

Aspera data collaboration technical documents and downloads

Introduction to Aspera on Cloud

See how Aspera on Cloud can securely and reliably move your files and data sets of any size.

Aspera Shares data sheet

Provide secure access to a consolidated directory for data stored across diverse infrastructures.

Information Security Practices

Learn how Aspera Cloud Services deliver disciplined, automated security processes.

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