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IBM® Aspera® lets you quickly and securely replicate and synchronize big data globally over wide-area networks
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Overcoming the bottlenecks of conventional synchronization

IBM® Aspera® Sync offers extreme performance to help you execute quick, reliable synchronization over WANs.

Sync faster, replicate more 92 hours saved

with a faster software build process.¹

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80 times faster  

sync time for one million small files compared to rsync.²

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940 times faster  

sync time for 5,000 large files compared to rsync.³

Attain high-speed replication and sync Achieve massive scale  

Sync millions of small files or a few multi-terabyte files with multi-gigabit transfer speeds.

Sync more efficiently

Aspera Sync can avoid unnecessary copying by recognizing changes and file system operations.

Configure to your needs

Choose from unidirectional and bidirectional sync and one-to-one, one-to-many and full-mesh sync.

Aspera data synchronization technical documents and downloads Large engineering source-code repositories

Read about synchronizing large volumes of source code, engineering specs and design documents.

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Massive data file stores over WANs

Learn how to overcome the bottlenecks of conventional synchronization tools and scale for top speed.

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IBM Aspera FASP® Security Model

Read how Aspera FASP offers built-in security for all IBM Aspera products.

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Key Aspera data synchronization products IBM Aspera Sync

Discover how Aspera Sync can help you replicate and synchronize your largest files.

IBM Aspera Enterprise

Access the full suite of Aspera enterprise applications for transferring large data sets quickly.

IBM Aspera Endpoint

Send files from anywhere to anywhere, whether on premises, in a data center or in the public cloud.

IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server

Perform high-speed transfers of files and large data sets by using desktop, mobile and web apps.

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1 Achieved by NI, using IBM Aspera technology

² In synchronizing one million small files with an average file size of 100 KB and network latency and packet loss of 100 ms and 1%, respectively

³ In synchronizing more than 5,000 larger files with an average file size of 100 MB and network latency and packet loss of 100 ms and 1%, respectively