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“Codename:BlueMix” is now open

Maybe you need to iterate on something quickly. Maybe you want to experiment with different technologies. Maybe you just want to build, extend, and deploy with the efficiency of a cold-blooded cyborg. Whatever you want to do, BlueMix offers a single solution environment that lets you develop and deploy apps across multiple domains.

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Big data Manage and analyze your big data sets with BlueMix. Platform as a Service App Icons: Big Data

Data management Benefit from a range of data options—from data storage to predictive analytics with BlueMix. Platform as a Service App Icons: Data management

DevOps Use BlueMix to access a powerful set of tools for quickly building and deploying cloud apps. Platform as a Service App Icons: DevOps

Integration Integrate cloud and on-premise applications with BlueMix to reduce costs and optimize resources. Platform as a Service App Icons: Integration

Mobile Simplify app deployment, maintenance, and improve quality with mobile services with developer services from BlueMix. Platform as a Service App Icons: Mobile

Runtimes Access a broad set of languages and frameworks for building your apps on BlueMix. Platform as a Service App Icons: Runtimes

Web and application Build new cloud apps using a collection of services on BlueMix that offer control and flexibility. Platform as a Service App Icons: Web and application

  • Big data
  • Data management
  • DevOps
  • Integration
  • Mobile
  • Runtimes
  • Web and application

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The power of IBM middleware patterns

Use pre-integrated services and patterns to build applications to drive innovation. Simplify and automate tasks across the lifecycle of the application to free up time to write the code you want. Adjust to rapid changes like application usage spikes. ID problems faster and reduce maintenance time and cost.

Middleware Patterns


Deploy your apps on IBM SoftLayer infrastructure (IaaS)

Build your future on our SoftLayer global cloud infrastructure that's optimized for the most demanding cloud applications at Internet scale. Enjoy self-service provisioning for both virtual servers and dedicated bare metal—with deployment in just minutes for virtual and hours for bare metal.

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IBM acquires hot cloud start-up Cloudant

Cloundant's database-as-a-service (DBaaS) technology enables developers to easily and quickly create next-generation mobile and web apps. The world's first globally distributed DBaaS for loading, storing, analyzing and distributing operational application data, it offers developers of demanding new applications high availability, elastic scalability and innovative mobile device synchronization. Cloudant runs on the IBM SoftLayer platform today, and it will become available on BlueMix, IBM's new platform-as-a-service (PaaS).


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