What are IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC?

IBM Cloud® Virtual Servers for VPC are your own protected space in the IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC provide the advanced security of a private cloud with the agility and ease of a public cloud. Define and control your virtual networks in logically isolated segments of the IBM public cloud. Use virtual private clouds to isolate and provision network segments on the IBM Cloud, where you can deploy and manage compute, storage and networking cloud resources. IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC offer agile scalability for easy business growth, high availability for better customer satisfaction, security for your workloads and lower total cost of ownership.


Flexible business growth

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC let you control the size of your virtual network, while dynamically deploying virtual servers and storage and networking cloud resources as your business requires. Use IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC to easily scale resources to adapt to changing business conditions. For ease of use and deployment, IBM Cloud Virtual Servers feature fast provisioning that requires no operating system setup.

Increased customer satisfaction

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC boost security capabilities of IBM Cloud and create security-rich environments for application workloads and data. They use both Security Groups (stateful firewalls operating at the instance level and enabling organization of cloud resources in groups with access rules) and Access Control Lists (subnet-level stateless firewall protection that control traffic in and out of a subnet and enable allow and deny rules for the traffic in and out of subnets).

Trusted business response

Keep application workloads available with added fault tolerance by building multiple VPC subnets in IBM Multi-Zone Regions (MZR). Expand your loyal customer community with the high availability and responsiveness of resilient business applications. In the event of disruptions or scheduled downtime, mission-critical workloads deployed redundantly in availability zones continue to operate and deliver services that customers expect.



Scale cloud infrastructure resources — including virtual servers, object and block storage, and networking in logically isolated virtual network segments that adapt to your business needs.


Protect your business with more secure and highly available private virtual networks that give you control over how your cloud resources and workloads are accessed, and who can access them.


Use IBM Cloud MZR and availability zones with redundant resources and no shared points of failure to keep your enterprise workloads and cloud-native applications available to customers.

Subnets are the foundational building blocks used to deploy cloud resources in your public cloud VPC. They are bound to a single zone and cannot span multiple zones or regions, which helps with security, reduces latency and improves availability.

Create multiple VPCs and subnets easily by using the suggested prefix ranges and preconfigured network security policies or design and define your own address prefixes and custom security policies.

CIDR blocks 161.26/16 and 166.8/14 are both reserved and routed into every subnet.

Bring-your-own subnet/IP

VPC supports bring-your-own IP (BYOIP) to allow customers to add their own publicly routable IPv4 prefixes and use with VPC resources. Easily move applications and extend your presence to the cloud by connecting on-premises resources to those on the IBM public cloud without disruption. Higher security for applications and data with the bring your own keys (BYOK) capability gives you sole control over the security and privacy of your data and applications.

IBM Flow Logs for VPC

IBM Cloud Flow Logs for VPC is an add-on feature to IBM Cloud VPC (Gen2) that enables the collection of information about the IP traffic going to and from network interfaces in your VPC. Flow logs can help you diagnose security group rules, record the metadata network traffic reaching your instance, and determine source and destination traffic from network interfaces.

Creating protected workspaces in public and private clouds

Inspire-Tech (link resides outside IBM) sought to revolutionize the journey of its customers with its secure enterprise file sharing platform EasiShare (link resides outside IBM). Inspire-Tech’s challenge was how to allow internal users to share files with external parties while isolating their intranet from the internet.

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC offered the ideal environment for deploying a three-tier architecture in an intranet of web, application, and database servers, and another set in the DMZ. Using this three-tier implementation, Inspire-Tech delivered its solution with confidence, knowing that only specific files meant for external parties are exposed to the internet. The flexibility, fine-grained networking rules and access controls provided by IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC helped Inspire-Tech to deploy secure solutions in public and private clouds that are aligned with the organization’s emphasis on security.

Using the same network-isolated architecture which aligns with our focus on security, through IBM Cloud we can now easily leverage other technologies, such as IBM Cloud Object Storage.”  

— Teck Wei Ting, Inspire-Tech Operations Manager 

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