AI and big data storage solutions

Unify access for faster results by connecting your AI, OpenShift and hybrid cloud solutions data.

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Infuse AI into your entire organization

AI is data-hungry, and big data projects have significant requirements for storage infrastructure. Further, ingesting data and preparation cycles take too long. You have multiple copies of the same data with no single source of truth. Never mind having to manage and protect data provenance for repeatability.

Storage complexity costs you time and money because if your data isn't fast, that means your business is not fast, causing missed opportunities. You need comprehensive storage solutions for your AI journey.

With IBM storage for big data and AI, you get more than storage products and solutions. You get a global data platform that unifies new and existing file and object storage from edge to core to cloud, providing faster access to more data with simple, scalable building blocks. The platform lowers complexity and costs with integration into your existing or new Red Hat® OpenShift® environment with a high-performance and cost-optimized storage solution for multiple concurrent demanding workloads. Infused into your entire organization, AI will allow you to create new products and services, optimize operations and transform the customer experience.


Why IBM for AI and big data storage Get seamless AI, high-performance integration and a unified, single source of truth with IBM AI and big data storage solutions. Seamless AI When you have zero tolerance for errors in a split second, learn how to create a differentiated high-performance data platform. See how life-saving AI uses seamless data management (02:00) High-performance integrated storage Container Native Storage now integrates with high-performance enterprise storage from edge to core to cloud. Read the solution brief (443 KB) Unified, single source of truth Our global data platform breaks down silos and current data limitations to bring faster AI insights and modernizes data infrastructure for optimized business results. Read the solution brief (852 KB)


Modernize your information architecture Build an artificial intelligence information architecture with IBM storage solutions. Scalable storage for AI and big data Solve AI challenges with scalable building blocks for high-performance IBM Spectrum Scale hybrid cloud and AI storage solutions. Explore IBM Elastic Storage System Storage for AI and NVIDIA Get faster access to more data and business results with a high-performance global data platform, connecting multiple data sources with multiple data interfaces. Explore IBM Storage for NVIDIA Container Native storage solutions Build, manage, deploy and run containerized applications across your entire enterprise from the edge to the core to the cloud with all-in-one cloud-native storage. Explore IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI IBM Spectrum Scale for Cloudera Scale your big data analytics and access more data for faster results with a global data Platform with enterprise capabilities. Explore IBM Spectrum Scale IBM Cloud Object Storage for Splunk Lower costs and minimize the amount of data on local storage while maintaining fast indexing and search capabilities by optimizing an existing Splunk deployment using IBM Cloud Object Storage for Splunk (SmartStore). Explore IBM Cloud Object Storage Read the solution brief (1.6 MB)

Case studies

AI and big data storage case studies IBM leads the industry in AI and big data storage solutions, but you don't have to take our word for it. Check out these case studies. Smart data management, smart vehicles The automotive parts supplier develops autonomous driving solutions with faster, more flexible storage and simplified management for AI. Read Continental's story Driving innovative research forward The University of Birmingham must ensure data is always available to a growing number of users running increasingly complex simulations. Read the University of Birmingham's story Faster time to discovery A world-class research institution uses a global data platform to accelerate image-intensive and AI workloads. Read the University of Queensland's story IBM industry leader years in a row Gartner has recognized IBM as a leader in distributed file and object storage for multiple years in a row. Register for the Gartner Magic Quadrant report

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