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Create your own data lake for AI and backup data with industry-leading object storage
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IBM Cloud® Object Storage is a software-defined hyper-scale storage solution that runs on premises. This industry-leading storage solution integrates with data on the edge, in your data center or in the cloud. IBM Cloud Object Storage excels at availability with up to 99.9999% availability and up to 99.9999999999999 (15 nines) of durability. It comes with local or geo-dispersed erasure coding to maximize efficiency and IBM-patented SecureSlice with S3 object lock, which can provide a secure solution for petabytes (PB) to exabytes (EB) of data. Read the data sheet (607 KB) Learn about an easy way to deploy on IBM® Storage Ready Nodes (1.33 MB)
Benefits Scalability

Scales performance and capacity from terabytes to exabytes.


Protects with built-in encryption and policy-enabled lockable write-once-read-many (WORM) storage.


Allows accessing of data concurrently from any location and provides automatic failover, data rebuild, auto expansion and rebalancing.

Savings efficiencies

Delivers geo-protected data with information dispersal algorithm (IDA) efficiency; available as software only or fully supported appliance solutions.

Search capabilities

Offers custom search and insights to save time while creating custom metadata to enhance value.

Enhanced file access

Connects file-based applications to object storage with ease.

Features New efficiencies that increase performance while lowering costs

Reduce storage costs by up to 12% by using new 18 TB SMR drives. Increase throughput by up to 55 GB/s for a 12-node cluster, with a better performance of up to 300% for reads and up to 150% for writes.

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Lockable data with S3 Object Lock

Use S3 Object Lock to store objects with a WORM model. Object Lock can help prevent objects from being deleted or overwritten for a fixed amount of time or indefinitely. You can use S3 Object Lock to meet regulatory requirements that need WORM storage or add an extra layer of protection against object changes and deletion.


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Store objects and files at significantly lower costs

Store unstructured objects at petabyte scale and beyond with the dsNet® software within Cloud Object Storage that uses patented IDA. The dsNet IDA uses erasure coding rather than replication to meet data storage reliability and availability requirements.

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Reduce the complexity of managing large-scale storage

Experience an object storage solution that lowers TCO and reduces the complexity of managing petabyte- or even exabyte-scale storage. This solution offers lower costs at start-up while delivering the scalability to ensure rapid growth in unstructured data will not outgrow storage capacity.

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File access

Access files efficiently with IBM Cloud Object Storage as it brings data from edge devices with a virtual machine that provides an SMB or NFS interface to object storage.

Download the File Access data sheet (492 KB)
A leader in object storage for 5 years

Learn why IBM was named a leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, for 5 years in a row.

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Built-in industry compliance for safe data protection

Create a storage vault easily with a retention policy and lock down objects simply by putting them in the vault. WORM functionality allows data to be tamper-proof. The system supports strict SEC17a-4f requirements with a standard S3 interface for access and uploads.

Flexible local or geo-dispersed data protection

Protect data with ease. The information dispersal technology requires only a single copy of information to be stored to support up to "8 nines" availability and continuous access to your data.

Engineered for massive scalability

Find out how IBM Cloud Object Storage is a massively scalable and efficient storage solution for cloud native S3 applications.

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Easy-to-use software and flexible configurations

Use your hardware and management tools with IBM software to lower your costs and simplify your environment with the massive scale and efficiency of IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Autodelete with policy-enabled object expiration

Set a simple policy to automatically delete an object or objects from a bucket, with new data lifecycle management.

Hardware and software support for IBM® Storage, IBM Power® and IBM Z® Optimize your support model with tiered service options

Streamline the entire support process by using analytics tools and dedicated support specialists with IBM Premium Support Services.

Upgrade warranty and maintenance for IBM storage

Maintain the highest level of availability with best-in-class IT support and keep your mission-critical systems running smoothly.

IDC MarketScape names IBM as a Leader in Support Services

Experience effective support services. Based on the IDC study, 85% of enterprises mentioned support services as a key differentiator when choosing a vendor to purchase data center systems.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.

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