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How do you drive business transformation? 

When business and society face uncertainty, leadership and ingenuity are required like never before. The most resilient among us are built-for-change organizations that strategically align around data-driven business decision making. However, only 9% of enterprises surveyed globally claim to achieve this¹. A smarter business is one that can amplify its unique purpose and rethink how work gets done.

Critical outcomes to become a smarter business

Create innovative experiences that attract and retain customers

Engage clients and prospects with virtual touchpoints that are intuitive, insightful and personalized.

Design intelligent workflows with AI that improve quality outcomes

Architect automated, flexible and responsive processes in real time to meet demand as needs change and deliver positive outcomes for customers.

Empower employees with a culture of continuous learning and upskilling

Aid employees in their daily practices with human-technology partnerships that democratize insight and foster trust and transparency.

Business transformation requires innovative experiences


Learn how one automaker enhanced driver experience with in-vehicle services by using customer data, while creating new revenue streams and supporting an estimated 58% of offline car purchases.

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Earn loyalty and engagement with great customer experiences

9 out of 10 businesses compete on customer experience alone, meaning engagement can promote loyalty or alienate the customer.

Enhance core business applications

The data from your core business applications has deep insights that, when harnessed, can drive critical business decisions at scale. 

Build smarter supply chains

Deliver value to your customers and your business — even in the face of disruption.

Build resilient business operations with intelligence, insights and expertise

Optimize asset performance and quickly adapt to changing circumstances with AI and IoT Data.

Build resiliency with automation and AI

Digital transformation is creating information faster than employees can consume and act upon. AI, robotics and automation can aid in minimizing risk and maximizing speed and scale.   

Enable your workforce for resiliency

Enhance employee engagement and productivity, reskill your workforce faster, and reimagine ways of working.

Smarter businesses act at the speed of insight


Took on an Industry 4.0 transformation with the help of agile operations, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Golden State Foods

Created a transparent supply chain with a combination of blockchain, RFID and IoT.

Vivo Energy

Established a global implementation template to move forward with SAP S/4HANA solutions, driving automation and access to real time data across organizational workflows.

Learn more about how to transform your IT

How AI and automation are changing the way work gets done

Automation is changing the structure of work in nearly every industry and intelligent automation will be a defining factor for the future workforce.

The enterprise guide to closing the skills gap

Three strategies can help organizations tackle one of their greatest challenges: building and maintaining a skilled workforce.

Building user-centric customer experiences

An organization’s ideal CX — its CX North Star — can become a reality when everyone across the enterprise has adopted a customer-centric mindset.

Start your smarter business journey with a virtual IBM Garage

IBM Garage is a bold, comprehensive approach to innovation and transformation that brings designers and developers together with your business and IT stakeholders to quickly create and scale new ideas that can dramatically impact your business.

¹Source: 20th Global C-Suite Study, IBM Institute for Business Value