Let’s rethink how business works

A smarter business allows you to deliver transformation at scale by creating powerful experiences, workflows and skills for your customers, partners and employees. Leveraging an agile approach, you can design and scale human-centric and AI-infused platforms to improve workflows and work smarter. With the right expertise, secure, AI-rich applications and the speed and scalability of the hybrid cloud, you can respond to change in the moments that matter most.

Create innovative experiences that attract and retain customers

IBM unlocks the value of your data and combines technology and expertise into solutions that confidently connect your business to customer and employee needs, ensuring safety and trust.

  • Use AI to improve customer service while reducing costs.
  • Unite every corner of your business around your customer.
  • Personalize communications to grow your business.

Ready to build smarter?

Earn loyalty and engagement with great customer experiences

Enhance core business applications

Build smarter supply chains

Build resilient business operations with intelligence, insights and expertise

Transform and grow your business using Automation with AI

Enable your workforce for resiliency

Business transformation requires innovative experiences

The Climate Service

The Climate Service (TCS) is on a mission to integrate climate data into financial decision-making. TCS partnered with IBM Garage to rapidly scale their business to meet growing demand, even amidst a major disruption.  

Start your smarter business journey with a virtual IBM Garage

IBM Garage is a bold, comprehensive approach to innovation and transformation that brings designers and developers together with your business and IT stakeholders to quickly create and scale new ideas that can dramatically impact your business.