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How organizations are achieving continuity and flexibility
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In early 2023 we collected insights from hundreds of organizations, revealing the priorities of SAP customers around the globe. Collectively, they’re embracing an enormous opportunity—finding continuity with past successes and positioning for a more flexible future.

This report explores what SAP customers are focused on today:

Capitalizing on cloud as a transformation driver

Cloud-based ERP offers clear advantages in flexibility, agility and reliability. But its greatest value is in supporting transformation to modularized, composable architectures.

By moving to cloud and cloud-based resources, including SAP S/4HANA, you can shift from transactional processes to more intelligent workflows. Cloud allows you to achieve new experiences and new ways of working with processes that are simpler, smarter and don’t require customization.

have started or completed the move to S/4HANA¹
Mastering the art of change at every level
Change management is a constant challenge for SAP customers. For example, over half of survey respondents struggle to make the business case for S/4HANA and find the necessary skills to utilize new technologies. But this report describes the keys for successful change management at every level of the organization: The 5 traits that help executives lead with beneficial behaviors; the strategies and incentives to get mid-level managers on board; the clarity and training needed by end users and direct supervisors. SAP tools, such as Enable Now and Companion, are essential to managing these changes and delivering value rather than disruption.

Top challenges to enterprise strategy 59%
making the business case for S/4HANA migration

finding skills in new technologies

Data & AI
Transforming how the business works with data and AI

SAP data and analytics solutions connect and govern data, helping establish a data-driven culture that improves efficiency, reduces costs and generates valuable insights into operations across functions.

Instead of just avoiding failures, organizations today are investing in new capabilities and intelligent workflows. Clean, connected data is the fuel for AI, which supports process optimization, next-generation automated security and data governance.

With the right systems and support, data can be a resource that delivers new value, guides new decisions and enables new capabilities in real time. 67%

plan to make SAP investments towards optimizing operations—the most of any business function


identified “drive more value and insights from data” as a top technology priority

Using ERP to strengthen future operations
Organizations everywhere are focused on embedding sustainability into all parts of their operations and delivering exceptional personalized experiences for both their customers and employees. Next-generation SAP platforms provide the digital infrastructure that enables organizations to collaborate, exchange data and insights, and create this new value.

of respondents named improved CX as their #1 focus

of respondents said SAP already contributes tangible value to their long-term sustainability goals

are focused on driving more value and insights from data in the next year
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¹ Results from a survey of 500 SAP clients: IBM—State of SAP, Oxford Economics, February 2023.