Managing applications in a hybrid cloud world is complicated—enterprise application portfolios reside both on-prem and across different clouds. Traditional methods of application management are costly and ineffective. Rethink your approach and capitalize on modern capabilities for integrating innovation, efficiency and resiliency into your enterprise application strategy.


Operate in the new normal

To keep their enterprise application strategy running and reduce costs, companies need automation to fund innovation.

Insights into business data

Get real-time insights into your enterprise application portfolios using a singular and unified view.

Accelerated digital transformation

Get a differentiated customer, employee and supplier experience–leading to digital business transformation.

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Oracle services

Implement both on-prem, connected solutions in the cloud–paving the way to digital business transformation.

Salesforce services

Combine the customer-focused Salesforce cloud with IBM’s industry-focused approach to unlock insights and innovation.

Workday services

This joint IBM and Workday solution helps you manage the complexities of employees returning to the workplace safely.

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Managed services for SAP applications

IBM and SAP work together to design custom solutions—from application management to digital orchestration.

SAP infrastructure solutions

Discover the servers that accelerate your SAP S/4HANA deployments and the impact they can have on your business.

SAP built on IBM Cloud®

This enterprise-ready cloud meets your security, reliability and compliance needs.

Case studies


Sustainable growth with real-time data boosts green performance.

The Insolvency Service

Agency processes claims up to four times faster with IBM Services® and Microsoft technologies.


Helps affiliated pharmacists bring health and well-being to consumers.


Application integration

Enable applications and systems that were built separately to work together to bring on digital business transformation.

Application performance management (APM)

This software-based solution ensures that applications, websites and critical infrastructure result in digital orchestration.