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Deliver on the promise of automation

1.     Modern applications are the lifeblood of today's businesses—when applications fail, your business stops. Given the increasing complexity of today's modern applications, it's imperative for IT executives to find ways to address business demands faster and use real-time insights and actions to improve operational efficiency.

As many as 72% of IT executives are supportive of their organizations’ intelligent automation strategy.¹ At the same time, enterprises are starting to grasp the business value from public cloud.

That’s why IBM is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver IBM intelligent automation solutions on AWS. Through this strategic collaboration, you’re now empowered to quickly deploy reliable enterprise-grade cloud solutions with built-in AI to drive the greatest outcomes, for over 1 million customers every day.2

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Combine the power of IBM intelligent automation with the speed and scale of AWS Get up and running in 15–20 minutes3

Quickly deploy reliable enterprise-grade cloud solutions with built-in AI to drive the greatest outcomes, for more than 1 million customers every day.

Save hundreds of hours of manual labor4

Drive higher efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences at lower cost and greater speed.

Proactively identify and execute high-impact automation

Run cloud native on AWS to see how intelligent automation solutions from IBM integrate well with any environment.

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Frequently asked questions
Why is IBM Automation being offered on AWS?

This collaboration will help IBM deliver on our hybrid and multicloud strategy, so our clients have flexible ways to procure IBM Automation software. Our clients will be able to simplify, reduce complexity, speed time to value, and drive agility via our intelligent automation software.

How are these products being delivered aaS?

Our IBM Automation SaaS products on AWS are built on Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS (ROSA) and run cloud native on AWS.

Can I migrate my IBM Automation products to AWS?

Yes: Current IBM Automation clients can migrate to AWS. IBM provides migration assistance to make the process as easy as possible.

What can I do now that I couldn’t do before with the IBM/AWS collaboration?

With IBM and AWS coming together, clients will be able to more quickly and easily try, buy, and deploy intelligent automation solutions from IBM — without having to update or manage any of the infrastructure.

You get one-stop shopping through the Marketplace and consolidated billing. If you are a current AWS client, you get access to market-leading IBM software at no additional cost by drawing down on your EDP.

Which IBM Automation products are available on AWS?

Explore the products currently available on AWS that can be purchased through the Marketplace.

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