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Migrating and operating in AWS? Get enhanced visibility with Instana to make the most out of your AWS Investment.
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Webinar: July 11, 2024
The Essential Role of Observability in the AWS Monitoring Cloud Journey

Redefine AWS performance monitoring for cloud-native applications, delivering speed, efficiency, and automation with IBM Instana.


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Move to the cloud with confidence

Explore the advanced capabilities of IBM Instana on AWS, redefining performance monitoring for cloud-native applications. Benefit from enhanced speed, efficiency, and automation and embrace real-time adaptability, empowering your infrastructure and applications to seamlessly navigate dynamic environments. Now available in 92 countries, discover why Instana is the preferred choice among AWS users.

  • Determine Observability Gaps: Learn where you can benefit from additional application monitoring through analysis of your current monitoring data.
  • Map Your Application Architecture: See all application interdependencies adjusted automatically with real-time change detection with Instana’s dependency maps, especially important for hybrid or multi-cloud environments like many AWS customers.

  • Identify Specific Application Performance Hot Spots (and Fix Them): Understand where to spend effort and resources to tune, optimize, and mitigate application issues for better service levels.

Move to AWS with confidence integrating with Instana
What you can do
Automatically discover every layer of a complex AWS environment

Experience the power of IBM Instana on AWS to redefine your approach to application performance management. With Instana, you can detect issues with precision and gain holistic visibility into your application landscape, spanning from code to Kubernetes containers and microservices, all presented through intuitive dashboards and customizable SmartAlerts.

  • Detect Issues with Precision: Benefit from our industry-leading 1-second granularity and comprehensive request tracing, ensuring no issue goes unnoticed.
  • Gain Full-Stack Visibility: Explore your application code, Kubernetes containers, and microservices effortlessly with user-friendly dashboards and SmartAlerts tailored to your needs.
  • Intelligent Actions: Apply ML and GenAI to accurately recommend mitigation actions and automatically remediate issues, preventing an observability detection gap and resolving issues before they impact your customers.
AWS Observability Assessment

Use Instana high fidelity data capabilities to gain context across your environment
  • Explore relationships and dependencies across your cloud infrastructure, applications and end users with IBM Instana
  • Monitor system-wide health spanning hosts, cloud resources, containers, services and applications
  • Swiftly identify issues in both the AWS Cloud and on-premises environments
AWS Observability Assessment

AI assisted remediation
  • Mitigate user impact by predicting and resolving issues proactively with AI-powered solutions for enhanced accuracy and efficiency
  • Get threshold-based smart alerts and automatic detection and correlation of events. Identify each issue and service incident's likely root cause with a quick mean time to resolution (MTTR)
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Why use both AWS and Instana? Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a constantly growing portfolio of available native services, which are designed for maximum scalability, resilience, security, and agility. PAR Data in context

Visibility into real-time application performance monitoring data, including full end-to-end traces with zero sampling; event correlation helps resolve impending issues before they turn into incidents.

Automated dependency mapping of applications

Automatically provides an understanding of application component dependencies and where their impacts are across the entire stack. Continuous automatic discovery of microservices and application components so that your AWS monitoring environment is always current.

Seamless integration with over 300 supported technologies

Including AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon OpenSearch, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon MSK, Amazon MQ, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3, and more.

Over 300 supported technologies

Instana integrates with other monitoring tools to provide a comprehensive view of application performance across the entire IT infrastructure with no plug-ins or application restarts.

Explore all supported technologies
AWS Kinesis monitoring

Instana’s AWS Kinesis monitoring offers comprehensive performance and health management.

AWS–SQS monitoring

AWS SQS monitoring is a key part of Instana’s comprehensive Amazon Web Services monitoring solution.

AWS–RDS monitoring

AWS RDS monitoring is an important piece of Instana’s cloud APM solution.

AWS Beanstalk monitoring

Automatic AWS Beanstalk monitoring is part of Instana’s comprehensive microservices and cloud-native application monitoring solution.

AWS S3 monitoring

Amazon S3 offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security and performance.

AWS MQ monitoring

Automatic Amazon MQ monitoring is part of Instana’s comprehensive microservices and cloud-native application monitoring solution.

“Once the Instana agent has been installed into Dealerware’s Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) clusters, it automatically discovers all the containers running in the pods, services and endpoints, and the dependencies between them. The agent automatically captures and indexes error messages against each endpoint and rolls them up to the service and application level.”

“It’s great to have something to be able to trace the root of the problem at the infrastructure view. It’s provided insights into issues I wasn’t aware of. ”

Kenneth Skertchly

Senior DevOps Engineer, Dealerware

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Monitoring Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Instana documentation

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IBM Instana Observability offers enterprise wide, user-friendly access to the data you want with the context you need to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation. 

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