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Integrated business planning, accessible for everyone, everywhere—IBM Planning Analytics as a service on AWS
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IBM Planning Analytics is a fast, flexible and AI-powered integrated business planning solution. Deliver faster, more accurate plans, budgets and forecasts. It can be deployed on-premises, on-cloud, on-premises, as a hybrid option or as a service on AWS.

IBM Planning Analytics as Service delivers a convenient, fast, and flexible experience while supporting continuous delivery and real-time data access to get innovation in the hands of business users faster.

Get access to a trusted, managed platform that runs on AWS to support your business needs through planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis. By using Planning Analytics as a service, you can use the same, easy-to-use excel and web interfaces–all built to create an optimal end-user experience.

IBM and AWS are a match made in heaven—this partnership combines IBM's one-of-a-kind platform with AWS's scale, agility, and cost efficiency. You'll have access to a trusted, managed SaaS platform that provides the most accurate, highly available and scalable planning and analysis solution in the market.

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BARC names IBM a Market Leader in Integrated Planning & Analytics
User interfaces
Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE) The Excel interface you know and love Continue working in the familiar Excel interface while enjoying all the control and governance of a modern planning and analytics solution. PAfE interface retains full Excel functionality and formatting, including capabilities such as graphing and built-in functions while benefiting from advanced features that enhance your planning and analysis processes. Check out IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE)

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) Real-time insights in one platform Gain enterprise-wide access to real-time insights and accurate data through the intuitive web-based interface. Seamlessly perform business planning, analysis, and reporting tasks in a unified environment. With advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities, PAW empowers everyone to make informed decisions with greater accuracy.

IBM Planning Analytics Engine (TM1) Powerful Database and Calculation Engine Unify all your business data into a single, reliable source of truth, regardless of its origin (ERP, CRM etc). The powerful in-memory multidimensional database and calculation engine can handle growing data volumes and complex business scenarios. Integrate planning, analysis, and reporting activities across the enterprise to make better business decisions.

Key features Explore the IBM Planning Analytics as a Service product documentation Guided planning

Ensure a smooth, streamlined planning process with managed and governed workflows. With just a few clicks, create customized applications, invite participants, define submission requirements, assign due dates, and easily monitor the progress of plan activities.

Predictive forecasting

Get accurate and timely forecasts with embedded predictive forecasting capabilities. Leverage the power of statistical and predictive analytics to analyze historical data and identify trends and patterns. 

Multidimensional analysis

Dive deep into large, historical, and future-oriented data sets to gain valuable insights and uncover hidden opportunities. Explore data from various angles to make strategic decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your business.

Embedded AI capabilities

Use predictive and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to augment human intelligence. Spend less time on manual data processing and analysis, and more time on analyzing results and making strategic decisions. 

Advanced self-service modeling

With Workbench Modeler, analysts can create and maintain sophisticated financial models without relying on IT support. Measure the impact of decisions before making them to ensure informed and proactive decision-making with what-if scenario functionality.

Automated visualizations

Transform your planning data into captivating visualizations, scorecards, and dashboards that tell a compelling story. Design custom dashboards, charts, graphs, and tables to present information in a visually appealing and insightful manner.

Integrations IBM Planning Analytics offers seamless integrations with various systems and applications. Leverage existing data sources and enhance the overall capabilities of your planning and analytics processes. Systems integration

Planning Analytics can integrate with popular ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. Pull operational data into Planning Analytics and develop a comprehensive view of your organization's performance.

Data warehouse integration

If you have a data warehouse or data mart that consolidates data from multiple sources, Planning Analytics can integrate with it. Leverage the existing data structure and extract relevant data for planning and analysis to ensure data consistency and accuracy across your planning models.

Spreadsheet integration

Easily import data from spreadsheets into Planning Analytics, maintaining the flexibility and familiarity of working with spreadsheets while benefiting from the enhanced collaboration and governance.

Cloud-based data integration

Planning Analytics supports integration with cloud-based data sources such as CRM systems like Salesforce. Incorporate customer data into your planning models and perform analyses that consider customer behavior and trends.

Reporting and business intelligence integration

Integrate with popular reporting and business intelligence tools. Leverage rich visualizations, utilize advanced reporting capabilities and connect with self-service analytics provided by these tools.

Custom application integration

Planning Analytics offers APIs and SDKs that allow you to develop custom integrations with other applications or build custom solutions on top of the platform. Create tailored solutions for unique business requirements and integrate Planning Analytics seamlessly into your existing technology landscape.

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