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Where ideas become businesses

Gain the advantage over your competition as an early adopter of the latest tech. The IBM Organic Growth Ventures in-house incubator program mobilizes the best resources and the most brilliant minds, turning concepts into prototypes to address customer problems, then scaling for the market.

We empower IBMers to turn their ideas into great businesses.

A leap in scientific research The g.nome software platform lets you build and run bioinformatic pipelines at scale and speed. Leverage customization, the power of IBM, and intuitive collaborative interfaces in one place. Learn more (broken CTA link)
Accelerate lab-to-market for AI and ML The Beyond Presence platform optimizes your devices to maximum use. The model uses prior information to learn, identify, and categorize unknown devices.
Real-time help for support agents Agent Assist delivers tools that simplify support agents’ everyday workload. Voice and chat agents get real-time client situation awareness, web content, response, and “next best action” recommendations.

Unique teams, uniquely empowered CTA link is mandatory Unique teams, uniquely empowered

IBM puts real muscle behind our brightest minds and patent awardees so that their ideas can thrive.