Transform business operations

IBM acquires RPA provider

How to get started with extreme automation using AI-driven RPA


Data capture

Redact documents automatically

Redact documents automatically icon
Block out information based on the role of the requester.

Extract more insights with AI

Extract more insights with AI icon
Automate the processing of complex or unknown formats.

Export content

Export content icon
Export documents and information to apps and repositories from any vendor.

Content management

Create innovative applications

Create innovative applications icon
Enhance business apps with better access and control over your content.

Increase worker productivity

Increase worker productivity icon
Use AI to find insights in your content and make them available to people.

Use cloud-native architecture

Use cloud-native architecture icon
Build content apps faster on any cloud, with a flexible container platform.


Empower business users

Empower business users icon
Let users model, author and validate decisions in a low-code environment.

Infuse decisions with AI

Infuse decisions with AI icon
Combine predictive models with prescriptive rules to improve outcomes.

Modify rules in real time

Modify rules in real time icon
Adapt quickly to changing conditions and keep your business on track.


Automate at scale

Deliver consistent experiences icon
Do more with hands-off processing while managing cases and exceptions.

Deliver consistent experiences

Deliver consistent experiences icon
Provide better user experiences with reusable, standardized workflows.

Build flexible workflows

Build flexible workflows icon
Blend structured and unstructured processes into a repeatable workflow.


Speed time to value

Speed time to value icon
Create, test and deploy automation bots in hours, not days or months.

Reduce human error

Reduce human error icon
Greatly reduce errors when copying and pasting data into multiple systems.

Increase throughput

Increase throughput icon
Complete tasks in seconds or minutes to deliver higher value to customers.