Why choose IBM TRIRIGA


faster space utilization insights¹

USD 30 million

in cost avoidance while also reducing reporting times²


work orders per year were processed with the help of TRIRIGA³

Screenshot showing floorplan of people and desks in office within TRIRIGA space management software

Apply data and AI to react rapidly to change and opportunity

Space planning is at the core of your real estate and facilities management strategy. Not only does it play a vital role in the ability to return to the workplace, but it also supports the employee experience and long-term operational efficiency and resiliency. Now that the way we work has changed, space management is more important than ever.

IBM TRIRIGA gives you a suite of capabilities, including dynamic space planning, indoor mapping and an AI assistant. You can also streamline leases, reduce the costs of capital projects and deliver greater value to the bottom line.

Monitor building and workspace occupancy

Capture and analyze data to make the most strategic space decisions and adapt space to create the right socially distanced floor plans.

Reduce costs and mitigate financial impacts

Manage all facets of your real estate portfolio from a single solution, and treat your buildings like the strategic assets they are.

Streamline and consolidate leases

Improve lease management to right-size your space, reduce costs and analyze financial impacts.

Create the right workplace experience

Deliver a workplace experience that focuses on employee health and well-being, and keeps users safe, connected and productive.

Better predict maintenance needs

Use preventative and condition-based maintenance to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Manage and extend capital projects

Improve project cycle time, eliminate budget over-runs, remove resource bottlenecks and analyze projects risks for better planning decisions.

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Case Studies

A four-person medical team wears protective masks as they come together for a consultation

Royal Melbourne Hospital

A top Australian healthcare provider, Royal Melbourne Hospital used IBM TRIRIGA software to digitize facilities management processes.

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Watch how Teradyne used IBM TRIRIGA to achieve operational efficiency through better space optimization and utilization.

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