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Connected security for a hybrid, multicloud world

As you move your business to the cloud, you need to work smarter. Security data is frequently spread across cloud and on-premises environments, exposing gaps and vulnerabilities.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Security can help you gain deeper insights, mitigate risks and accelerate response. With an open security platform that can advance your zero trust strategy, you can use your existing investments while leaving your data where it is—helping your team become more efficient and collaborative.



X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

In 2023, 70% of cyberattacks targeted critical infrastructure industries. Check out the new report for deeper insight into attackers' tactics.

Understand your cyber risk with IBM X-Force threat intelligence
Benefits Work on a unified dashboard

Protect data, manage users and contain threats from a unified dashboard enabled with AI and automation.

Integrate with existing infrastructure

Connect to your existing security infrastructure, including IBM and non-IBM products off the-shelf to avoid integration efforts.


Leverage open security

Integrate easily with your existing applications and scale security as you grow with open source and open standards.

Keep your data where it is

Gain security insights without having to move your data and avoid additional complexity and costs.


Modernize your security architecture

Deploy on premises, in private cloud or public cloud—or use software as a service (SaaS), depending on your need.


Deploy cross-cutting use cases

Break down silos in security teams to run cross-cutting use cases across data, identity and SOC teams—getting a better view of risk posture.


Get prioritized, actionable threat intelligence
Threat Intelligence Insights

The IBM Threat Intelligence Insights capability of IBM Cloud Pak® for Security offers detailed, actionable threat intelligence based on a customized profile and environmental telemetry. Prioritize the threats most relevant to your business. Investigate threats across multiple siloed sources and remediate cyberthreats—all from a single console.


Reduce investigation time

Separate the signal from the noise with an adaptive risk score that allows you to prioritize relevant threats.

Increase environment visibility

Scan your connected data sources to search across your environmental assets for malicious indicators.


Act fast

Quickly and efficiently resolve your threat by seamlessly moving from threat intelligence to investigation and remediation.


Federate search across disparate tools
Data Explorer

IBM Security® Data Explorer for IBM Cloud Pak® for Security enables federated investigations across IBM and third-party data sources. Connect insights from multiple security solutions, endpoint detection and response tools, and data stored in data lakes. Gain insights from multicloud environments monitored by SIEM tools such as Splunk and IBM Security® QRadar®.


Break down data silos

Simplify your processes with prebuilt integrations and open-source tools.


Uncover hidden threats faster

Search all your disparate data sets from one screen.


Boost investigation efficiency

Use smart queries to investigate across data sources.


Streamline operations

Save artifacts, speed collaboration and remediation.

Get a unified view of business risk
Risk Manager

IBM Security® Risk Manager for IBM Cloud Pak® for Security contextualizes and normalizes risk data from across the enterprise to provide a more complete view of an organization’s security risk landscape. Investigate into identified areas of risk and use integration with Cases to remediate swiftly, with minimimal impact to the business.

Unify risk data

Normalize risk data from disparate security tools.


Prioritize issue remediation

Contextualize risk areas to identify priorities.

Investigate areas of risk

Use drill downs to explore different risk vectors.


Track risk trends over time

See how past mitigation actions reduced areas of risk.

Use cases by capability

Data breach detection and response Operationalize data security and uncover insights related to compliance violations and risk by connecting additional security data and enriching workflows. For example, if abnormal user behavior is detected, Cloud Pak for Security sends out an alert and a case is generated in IBM Security® QRadar® SOAR. A security analyst will review the case, use SOAR to respond and initiate federated search to enrich investigation.

Dynamic account takeover prevention Understand identity risks by connecting user events for deeper context and actionable unified workflows. If a suspicious login attempt is detected, IBM Security® Verify sends data to IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM, which correlates the alert and sends it to SOAR for remediation. A security analyst will initiate a federated search for further enrichment, and future login attempts are challenged with multi-factor authentication.

Detection and response to vulnerabilities Improve SOC efficiency by using unified workflows and automated investigations while encouraging collaboration in a single view. If a Log4J injection is detected, offense info is sent from SIEM and a case is created in SOAR. The artifacts are enriched by the threat intelligence platform and a federated search is performed. An analyst can use an out-of-the box task to remediate the threat.

Proactive risk mitigation using risk scores Benefit from proactive risk mitigation by analyzing cross-segment security data and providing at-a-glance insights for the whole team. When threat events are pulled in from connected data sources, unique risk scores are created based on correlated threat events. A security analyst can take remediation actions, starting from the highest severity alert, and use dynamic playbooks for additional response actions.

Use cases by role

See how you can power security operations in your role.

Security leader challenges Security leaders must handle disparate tools and data locations, integration of too many point products and staffing and skills shortages. With IBM Cloud Pak for Security, they can connect to data wherever it is, deploy on premises or in the cloud, manage from a unified console, and streamline processes through automation.

Security analyst challenges Security analysts must deal with threat visibility taking too long, inadequate alert triage and insights plus inefficient threat hunting across tools. IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps by prioritizing threats with a customized score, automatically creating cases and performing federated search across data sources.

Incident responder challenges Incident responders must manage manual processes for large data volumes, define processes across tools and coordinate actions across disparate teams. IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps them integrate tools, automate tasks and logging, create playbooks for incident response and collaborate through a unified console.

Data security specialist challenges Data security specialists must monitor and identify risks to sensitive data, meet regulatory requirements and respond to data threats. IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps them unify data security visibility, perform data activity monitoring for hybrid cloud, analyze and prioritize data risks, and respond to data threats.

Resources SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR

ESG surveyed 376 IT and cybersecurity professionals, at organizations in the US and Canada, who are personally responsible for evaluating, purchasing and using threat detection and response security products and services.

The needs of a modernized SOC for hybrid cloud

Learn how the new IBM Security QRadar Suite has been extended to include EDR, XDR and SOAR, plus new cloud-native log analytics capabilities to enable cost-effective collection, analysis, visualization and blazingly fast search of data at scale.

3 Ways IBM Security Can Help Companies Handle a Ransomware Attack

The 2023 Threat Intelligence Index reveals ransomware attacks are getting faster. IBM Cloud Pak® for Security can help organizations protect and defend against them.

See a demo of how the new QRadar suite can accelerate threat response time by using a unified analyst experience, advanced AI and automation, on an open platform that connects with existing tools.

IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

Learn how to safeguard your people and data from cyberattacks. Get deeper insight into attackers’ tactics and recommendations to proactively protect your organization.

Frequently asked questions

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a containerized software platform pre-integrated with Red Hat® OpenShift®. It helps you quickly integrate your existing security tools to generate deeper insights into threats, orchestrate actions and automate responses—all while leaving your data where it is.


IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a platform for building an integrated security ecosystem. The initial offerings will help meet two critical needs:

  • Simplify and speed investigations: Using federated search, you can investigate threats and indicators of compromise (IOC) across the organization by using the security tools you already have in place. Uncover and analyze those insights against your threat intelligence sources or from IBM.
  • Respond quickly and thoroughly to threats: Orchestration and automation help you respond to cybersecurity incidents with confidence. Find and remediate threats by automating and prioritizing tasks, and collaborating across teams.


IBM Cloud Pak for Security connects to third-party tools and data sources, including multiple SIEMs, endpoint detection systems, threat intelligence services, and identity and cloud repositories.

You can also build a customized connector to any tool or homegrown database in your environment. IBM Security offers a number of options to help, including:

IBM Cloud Pak for Security currently provides connectors for the following data sources:

  • IBM Security® QRadar®: A security information and event management (SIEM) solution that helps security teams to accurately detect and prioritize threats across the enterprise. It provides intelligent insights that enable teams to respond quickly to reduce the impact of incidents.
  • IBM Security® QRadar® on Cloud: With QRadar on Cloud, enjoy all the benefits and customer support of IBM Security QRadar, but in a hosted deployment from the cloud.
  • Splunk Enterprise Security: A SIEM solution that captures and correlates real-time machine-generated data in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.
  • Elasticsearch: A real-time, distributed storage, search and analytics engine. It is beneficial in many use cases, but especially where the requirement is to index streams of semi-structured data, such as logs or decoded network packets.
  • Carbon Black CB Response: A highly scalable, real-time threat-hunting and incident response (IR) solution that delivers unfiltered visibility for top security operations centers and IR teams.
  • BigFix: A solution for compliance, endpoint and security management for organizations. Organizations can monitor and manage any physical and virtual endpoints through BigFix platform and applications.
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection: A platform to prevent, detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats.
  • IBM Security® Guardium®: A comprehensive data protection platform that discovers and classifies data, and monitors and audits activity to help protect sensitive data across hybrid cloud environments.
  • IBM Cloud® Security Advisor: A security dashboard that provides centralized security management. The dashboard unifies vulnerability and network data as well as application and system findings from IBM Services®, partners and user-defined sources.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security also comes with two special connector types to enable sharing of threat information and support testing and use of uncertified connectors still in development:

  • STIX Bundle: Use a STIX Bundle in place of a data source connector to share cyberthreat intelligence by using STIX Objects. With the STIX Bundle as a data source you can search for any attack pattern, campaign, course of action, identity, indicator, intrusion set, malware, report, threat actor, tool and vulnerability.
  • Proxy source: Configure a proxy data source connection to point to a new connector that you are developing and testing in IBM Cloud Pak for Security. Supply details of a host that is running the remote instance of the STIX-shifter project (link resides outside for your new connector.

The Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) project, an OASIS open project, aims to connect the fragmented cybersecurity landscape and enable disparate security products to freely exchange information out of the box, using mutually agreed upon technologies, standards and procedures.

IBM Security is a co-founder and initial contributor to the OCA project. IBM is contributing to OCA the STIX Shifter federated search technology, is a core capability offered in IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

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