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Build a trusted data pipeline with a modernized ETL tool on a cloud-native insight platform
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Multicloud, AI-powered data integration

IBM® DataStage® is an industry-leading data integration tool that helps you design, develop and run jobs that move and transform data. At its core, the DataStage tool supports extract, transform and load (ETL) and extract, load and transform (ELT) patterns. A basic version of the software is available for on-premises deployment, but to reduce data integration time and costs, upgrade to DataStage for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data and experience powerful automated integration capabilities in a hybrid or multicloud environment.

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DataStage support for Iceberg and Delta Lake table format

Seamlessly ingest prepared, actionable data into data lakehouses, including watsonx.data, with improved features to simplify data management.  Read the blog for more details.

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DataStage and watsonx.data

Start building a trusted data foundation for your AI implementations today. Join us to see one of our IBM data integration tools, DataStage, and our next-generation data store IBM watsonx.data™ in action.

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What’s new with next-generation DataStage: AI-powered integration for modern data workloads.
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Introducing DataStage as a Service Anywhere. Execute ETL and ELT Pipelines in any Cloud, Data Center or On-premises

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What is DataStage for IBM Cloud Pak for Data?

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a cloud-native insight platform built on the Red Hat® OpenShift® container orchestration platform. It integrates the tools needed to collect, organize and analyze data within a data fabric architecture. It dynamically and intelligently orchestrates data across a distributed landscape, to create a network of instantly available information for data consumers. IBM Cloud Pak for Data can be deployed on-premises, as a service on IBM Cloud® or on any vendor’s cloud.

DataStage is available as an add-on to an IBM Cloud Pak for Data software license or as a service through IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.

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Benefits Speed workload execution

Run workloads 30% faster with workload balancing and a parallel engine.¹

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Reduce data movement costs

Bring data integration to your data. Design jobs once and move runtimes to where data resides.

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Modernize data integration

Extend capabilities while preserving existing DataStage investments.

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Deliver trusted data

Use governance capabilities on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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Features Introducing ELT Pushdown Express. Extract, load and transform bulk data through SQL Pushdown. See the details Full spectrum of data and AI services

Manage the data and analytics lifecycle on the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform. Services include data science, event messaging, data virtualization and data warehousing.

Parallel engine and automated load balancing

Process data at scale by optimizing ETL performance with a best-in-breed parallel engine and load balancing that maximizes throughput.

Metadata support for policy-driven data access

Protect sensitive data with metadata exchange using IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog. Use data lineage to see how data flows through transformation and integration.

Automated delivery pipelines for production

Automate continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) job pipelines from development to testing to production and help reduce development costs.

Extensive set of prebuilt connectors and stages

Use prebuilt connectivity and stages to move data between multiple cloud sources and data warehouses, such as IBM Netezza® and IBM Db2® Warehouse on Cloud.

IBM DataStage Flow Designer

Increase developer productivity with machine learning-assisted design in a user-friendly interface, helping cut development costs.

In-flight data quality

Trust data delivery using IBM InfoSphere® QualityStage® to automatically resolve quality issues when data is ingested by target environments.

Automated failure detection

Reduce infrastructure management effort by 65% - 85%, allowing users to focus on higher-value tasks.²

Distributed data processing

Execute cloud runtimes remotely wherever the data resides, while maintaining data sovereignty and minimizing costs.

Deployment options See purchase information As a service

Access all the latest capabilities available as part of IBM DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, a subscription model for a set of integrated services fully managed on IBM Cloud.

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On-premises or any cloud

Add IBM DataStage Enterprise (or IBM DataStage Enterprise Plus) to IBM DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service to run workloads on-premises or on any cloud.

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Run basic ETL jobs on-premises using IBM DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service. Parallel processing and enterprise connectivity delivers a scalable platform.

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Collaborate Work with your peers on DataStage flows and control access to your projects.

Data pipelines Efficiently perform data integration work in a no-code or low-code environment with a user-friendly interface. Hundreds of prebuilt functions and connectors reduce development time and improve consistency of design and deployment.

Auto workload balancing DataStage has a best-in-breed, highly scalable parallel engine that processes substantial data volumes. Built-in auto workload balancing provides high performance and elastic management of compute resources.

Platform connections and integration points Accelerate DataOps with shared platform connections and integrations with other products in IBM Cloud Pak for Data, including data virtualization, governance, business intelligence and data science services.

By using DataStage for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, we’ve transformed advanced analytics with open and transparent methodologies. TechD
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An end-to-end data integration platform to help you cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver quality data.

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