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Banking and government use cases

Banking and finance

Banking and financial services use cases

Manage business policies across your banking systems to adapt quickly to market changes, provide personalized offers and pricing, reduce regulatory compliance costs and help prevent fraud.

Government and education

Government and education use cases

Employ a proven, iterative approach to policy management for benefits and security. Accelerate your digital transformation and improve responsiveness.

Healthcare use cases

Healthcare & life sciences

Healthcare and life sciences use cases

Automate solutions to enable a smarter, more connected healthcare system that can assist clinicians with delivering better care and empower people to make better decisions.


Insurance use cases

Improve responsiveness to market demands and competitive threats, automate claim adjudication and improve the transparency and auditability of your policies.

Consumption use cases


Manufacturing use cases

Anticipate demand and quality issues, increase equipment uptime and add flexibility to rigid manufacturing and assembly line processes.


Retail and consumer products use cases

Increase operational agility, create personalized offers, speed up campaign development and enhance customer experience by helping retailers make near real-time decisions.

Travel and transportation

Travel and transportation use cases

Increase customer loyalty by providing personalized offers and manage regulatory compliance for shipping of goods worldwide. Help detect and prevent misuse of transportation services.

Energy and utilities

Energy and utilities use cases

In addition to streamlining operations and providing a better customer experience, which allows you to capture market opportunities faster, you can do so while managing changes in regulation.