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Put AI to work with low-code, intelligent decisions

IBM Automation Decision Services (ADS) is business automation software for modeling and managing business decisions in an easy-to-use, low-code UI. It is available standalone or within IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation, where it is pre-integrated with other automation technologies.

When critical decisions need to be made, IBM decisioning solutions like ADS and Operational Decision Manager (ODM) become the catalysts for success. When integrated with watsonx Orchestrate’s conversational capabilities, through Cloud Pak for Business Automation in SaaS, users can more efficiently interact with the system, calling upon decision engines, and obtaining insights without the need for manual intervention.

Discover how using AI and Automation drives productivity with IBM Decisions, Workflow and watsonx Orchestrate.
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Benefits With IBM Automation Decision Services, business experts can make a direct impact on how their business runs. Improve effectiveness

Use insights to optimize the power of data, enabling more informed decisions in your business operations. Detect and act on issues before they impact operations.

Increase efficiency

Consistently and efficiently run business operations at scale. Automate approvals, process claims, onboard emplyees and clients, and help reduce noncompliance costs and prevent credit losses.

Manage compliance

Provide documented proof of decision process to support compliance auditing. Change policies as regulations evolve. Drive consistency between geographies, channels and regulations.

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Credit and loan approvals Approve loans quickly with a high degree of confidence the applicant won’t default, while managing regulatory requirements and helping ensure fairness, consistency and auditability.

Personalized promotions Deliver promotions that are likely to be accepted based on everything you know about a given customer and your organization’s history.

Fraud detection Apply machine learning to transactional data to find patterns of fraudulence and flag suspicious transactions before they impact profitability.

Claims processing Improve customer experience by processing claims quickly, while managing risk, keeping operating costs low and managing compliance with government regulations.

Features Low-code UI

Model business decisions with an easy-to-use, low-code UI.

Machine learning integration

Make predictive decisions with out-of-the-box machine learning integration.


Collaborate on rules with SMEs across your organization.

Decision verification

Instantly verify your decisions work the way you expected.

DevOps and CI/CD

Build and operate with common DevOps and CI/CD practices.

Simulated scenarios

Simulate multiple versions of the same decision using Big Data Analytics.

Flexible options Build and execute decisions where you need them Learn more On Containers

Take advantage of a low footprint and faster time to production without cumbersome configuring. Built to meet your architectural needs, ADS provides a powerful runtime or microservices-based option to address your most demanding workloads.

On Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Take advantage of pre-integrated automation capabilities and deploy on any hybrid cloud environment. When used in the Cloud Pak for Business Automation, you can seamlessly integrate Automation Decision Services with other automation technologies such as workflow, capture and content.

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