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What is Business Automation Manager Open Editions?

IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions, previously named Red Hat Process Automation Manager and Red Hat Decision Manager, is enterprise automation software for workflow and decision management.

End-to-end intelligent process automation helps organizations improve efficiency, increase accuracy and reduce errors. IBM Business Automation Manager Open Edition supports dynamic human-driven to fully automated, business processes that can be combined with digital workforces to offer endless opportunities to transform your organization.

Process Automation Manager Open Edition,
previously known as Red Hat Process Automation
is a platform for modeling and automating
business processes (BMPN2), including case
management and decision support.

Decision Manager Open Edition, previously known as
Red Hat Decision Manager
, is a platform for modeling
and automating business decisions with Decision
Model and Notation (DMN) and business rules.

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Open Source Business Automation Introduction with BAMOE 9

Gain insights into how to leverage the latest features and enhancements of IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions to automate processes and decisions.

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Benefits of working with IBM for Open Source products Address unique business requirements efficiently and cost-effectively with IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions. Quality support

At IBM, support goes beyond just fixing issues. With deep technical and industry knowledge, armed with award-winning AI technology, IBM Support collaborates across our entire company of researchers, offering managers, engineers and developers to help you and your business succeed.

Community knowledge and IBM Knowledge base

Only IBM subscribers have access to the IBM Knowledge base. This extensive database of resources provides access to the same knowledge-centered support system IBM engineers use.

Commitment to security

IBM offers a portfolio of tested and hardened solutions with security resources that help clients use open-source technologies in a trusted manner.

Partner ecosystem

IBM supports a partner ecosystem of thousands of partner products and services that are tested and certified to perform effortlessly with IBM technologies.

Features Developer-friendly tools

Developers can get started quickly using familiar tools such as VSCode and common DevOps tools such as Git, Maven and Jenkins.

Cross-team collaboration

Lightweight and scalable business-friendly design tools for process and decision modeling, testing, and deployment.

Built from scratch to cloud

Easily fits microservices distributed architectures running on hybrid and multi-cloud deployment models. Native integration with popular tools used on containerized solutions.

Cloud-native development

Container-based architecture and Kogito-based decision management in conjunction with Red Hat OpenShift allows you to deploy your applications on the public cloud of your choice or on-premesis without any change in functionality, scalability, reliability, responsiveness, agility and productivity.

Open standards support

Supports Open Standards such as Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN), and Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standards, ensuring compatibility with third-party applications.

Automatically generated APIs

Automatically generated APIs based on your decision and process models, that can meet your domain design.

Featured products IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition

Build custom, cloud-native applications that automate business processes and decisions with open-source software.

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IBM Decision Manager Open Edition

Build, deploy, automate and govern rules-based business decision models to accelerate operational efficiency.

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IBM and Open Source

IBM has long been a proponent of open source technology. Business Automation Manager Open Editions builds on Open Source projects such as Kogito, jBPM, and more. The upstream projects are backed by the strong, diverse and active KIE community. IBM tests, packages and supports these offerings to give you confidence to deploy in your unique environment.

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