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Workflow automation solutions help you do more with less

Manual and repetitive processes can disrupt or slow your operations, hindering productivity and potential growth. Workflow software will help you to manage people, processes, and data, to achieve better business outcomes. By using rules-based logic to automate business processes and reduce or eliminate time-consuming tasks, workflow software enables your teams to speed their work.

This increased efficiency not only minimizes human error but also empowers your team to focus on high-value tasks, thereby boosting work quality and removing bottlenecks that can hurt your bottom line. Automating business workflows allows you to optimize processes - seeing 80% of transactions being turned around in less than two hours - leading to increased productivity, enhanced customer experience, and continuous growth.

Watch the Workflow demo and learn how to improve productivity with IBM® Business Automation Workflow.



Use Process Mining to Boost Efficiency of IBM Business Automation Workflow Processes

Discover how to boost business efficiency by leveraging the synergy between IBM Business Automation Workflow and Process Mining.


Discover how combining AI and Automation drives productivity with IBM Decisions, Workflow and watsonx Orchestrate

Learn how workflow automation improves business operations, IT network administration and DevOps collaboration
Benefits of workflow automation software Automate at scale  

Do more with less by deploying hands-off processing while managing cases and exceptions.

Deliver consistent experiences  

Provide a consistent and transparent user experience with reusable, standardized workflows.

Operate flexible workflows

Blend structured and unstructured processes seamlessly into a smooth, repetitive workflow.

Workflow automation software solutions IBM Business Automation Workflow

Gain visibility into enterprise-wide work. Empower case and knowledge workers with straight-through processing and full Enterprise Content Management.

IBM Process Automation Manager

Build custom, cloud-native applications that automate processes with open source software.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation

Complete task management and workflow orchestration, integrated with AI-powered capabilities, a common UI, and low-code tools and templates.

IBM Workflow Process Service

Increase productivity and time to value with low-code tools and predefined templates, enabling business users and developers to build apps faster.

Workflow automation case studies See how clients are using workflow software to transform their businesses. Enhance operations

TD Ameritrade reduced errors, improved operations, and reduced the time to create a customer account.

Streamline and optimize workflows
Innovate with agility

UWV launches a Dutch emergency employment program in six weeks with the help of IBM Automation.

See UWV case study
Integrate and automate

Tatweer Building Company is helping the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia achieve its Vision 2030 with a digitally integrated approach to building schools.

See Tatweer case study
Optimize workflows

Using the AI-powered IBM Process Mining solution to streamline order-to-cash processes.

Streamline and optimize workflows
Workflow automation resources G2 reviews and product details

“Best customer journey for improved processes.” See more on G2.

What is a workflow?

Learn about workflows and discover how enterprises can optimize their efficiency with the use of business process management systems and automation.

What is a workflow engine?

Learn how workflow engine software automates tasks to support a focus on higher-value work.

What are workflow diagrams?

Learn about what workflow diagrams are, the most common types, how to create a diagram, and the benefits of using them for your business.

What is workflow automation?

Learn how workflow automation improves business operations, IT network administration, and DevOps collaboration.

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