Introducing IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.11.1


Improve effectiveness

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Detect and adapt quickly to market changes: adjust customer experience, update loyalty programs, or create more personalized and contextual offers. Increase decision speed and reliability.

Increase efficiency

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Run business operations faster, consistently and at scale. Automate approvals, process claims, onboard employees and clients faster, reduce noncompliance costs and prevent credit losses.

Manage compliance

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Manage regulation compliance using documented proof of how decisions were made to support auditing. Change policies quickly as regulations evolve. Drive consistency and detect fraud systematically.

IBM Business Automation Community

Decision management solutions from IBM have an active, vibrant community that discusses product updates, hints, tips and more.

Featured case study

IBM Operational Decision Manager on IBM Z®

Modernize your Z applications

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Modernize your Z applications

Modernize your IBM z/OS® applications from the inside out by discovering and externalizing business logic.

Add intelligence to your Z applications

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Add intelligence to your Z applications

Take advantage of an optimized interface with IBM Watson® Machine Learning to make predictive decisions at the speed of business.

Try it now on Z

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Try it now on Z

Explore how you can optimize Z apps with business rules, at no cost for 3 days.


Features of IBM Operational Decision Manager

Simplicity and ease of management

Interfaces enable you to quickly author, develop and test decisions.

Support for complex decisions

Hundreds of customers have used Operational Decision Manager for their most demanding applications.

Built-in testing and simulation

Testing and simulation capabilities help users validate business logic against well-defined usage scenarios and key performance indicators.

Flexible deployment options

Deployment is available on Red Hat® OpenShift®, on Certified Kubernetes, on app servers, embedded in Java® code, on compute grids, on z/OS or SaaS.

Role-based permission management

Stakeholders can participate in authoring, updating, deploying and managing rules.

Built-in governance process

Business decisions can be scaled using built-in governance and change management capabilities.

Developers can start building decision management projects with this no-cost trial. Use this all-in-one Docker image.

Get more capabilities

Available as part of IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation

Operational Decision Management is pre-integrated in IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation with other automation capabilities such as content, capture and process automation to drive business growth.


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Discover AI-powered capabilities, a common UI, and low-code tools.


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Get task automation, workflow orchestration and more.


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Pay for what you need with modular pricing.