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Customer case studies

Explore stories of customers who are taking advantage of Watson AI to achieve outstanding results 

London Borough of Redbridge

The London Borough of Redbridge launched its new Binbot, powered by IBM Watson technology

Supported by Business Partner EscalateAI.

Deltic Group

Empowering clubbers across 55 venues to plan perfect nights with help from a virtual assistant for social media.

Supported by Business Partner Filament.

SPF Private Clients

Mortgage broker accelerates application processing times with AI-powered app featuring a Watson Assistant chatbot.

Supported by Business Partner EscalateAI.

Versus Arthritis

Virtual assistant designed to answer queries about a diverse range of self-management topics, including exercise and medication.

Leatherhead Football Club

Find out how Leatherhead Football Club set its AI goals to get ahead of the opposition.

Who is CATHI?

Meet CATHI, the world's first robotic mental health technician, created by Sheffield Hallam University and powered by Watson AI.

Watson AI case studies from across the world

Watson AI case studies from across the world in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Food and drink, Manufacturing, Energy, Professional Services, Social services, to name but a few.

A case study route to AI success

Building an understanding of a customer’s pain point is often the best starting point for the application of AI technology. 

Partner programmes

Introducing our Watson AI programmes where you can get involved.

Watson Guild for Charities

Watson Guild is an initiative driven by leading Watson AI Partners and IBM to develop AI solutions for the charity sector.

Watson Foundation Competency

The Watson Foundation competency demonstrates the capabilities you need to build, sell and market IBM Watson.

Partner profiles

Discover the best-of-breed Watson AI partners in UK and Ireland.

Filament: Cross-industry solutions including media and entertainment

IBM Business Partner Filament works with organisations seeking to maximise the benefits of artificial intelligence and innovate in the way they do business. Filament provides cross-industry solutions - including for the media and entertainment sector. 

Escalate AI: Cross-industry solutions including Local government

IBM Business Partner Escalate AI provides automated chatbot cross-industry solutions - including for Local government. This video features a chatbot built in just two weeks for Redbridge Council.

LivePerson: Financial services solutions

LivePerson's AI-powered conversational platform makes it easy for consumers to buy products and get answers to questions in messaging channels they already use. This video features Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS.

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Learn about Watson AI - the building blocks of your AI solution.

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What's new in AI?

News stories, research studies, marketing tips and more

The 3 factors preventing successful AI adoption

Rob Thomas, IBM's General Manager of Data and AI, explained the three factors preventing successful AI adoption with organisations 

IBM Watson Research Centre uses AI to make archeological discovery!

Nazca lines: More than 100 ancient images found etched into the Peruvian desert

AI conversations highlight industry success

This article looks at how three leading Business Partners are using Watson AI technology to build conversational (chatbot) solutions with an industry flavor.

Stop waiting to apply AI for financial crimes

Financial institutions worldwide are feeling the pain of financial crime incidents in the form of significant losses and regulatory penalties.  So how can AI help?

IDC ranks IBM#1 with 9.2% market share in overall AI market

Read the report to learn more about IBM positioning, individual competitors performance, AI growth accelerators and more. 

Forrester names IBM Watson Discovery a leader in AI search

IBM Watson Discovery is named a 'Leader' in “The Forrester Wave™ Cognitive Search Q2 2019" report.

Three easy steps to marketing your Watson AI solution

Introducing a three-stage approach to help you get started with building your marketing strategy .

Data and AI Event-in-a-Box kits

We've designed Data and AI Event-in-a-Box kits to help you plan and execute successful demand generation events.