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London Borough of Redbridge

The London Borough of Redbridge launched its new Binbot, powered by IBM Watson technology

Supported by Business Partner EscalateAI.

Deltic Group

Empowering clubbers across 55 venues to plan perfect nights with help from a virtual assistant for social media.

Supported by Business Partner Filament.

SPF Private Clients

Mortgage broker accelerates application processing times with AI-powered app featuring a Watson Assistant chatbot.

Supported by Business Partner EscalateAI.

Arthritis Research UK

Virtual assistant designed to answer queries about a diverse range of self-management topics, including exercise and medication.

BuzzRadar and IBM

Real-time data & content for Marketing: visualised, simple, beautiful & powerful.

BuzzRadar helps IBM to become data-driven.

Watson AI case studies from across the world

Watson AI case studies from across the world in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Food and drink, Manufacturing, Energy, Professional Services, Social services, to name but a few.

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Watson Build

Global program designed to help Partners accelerate the development and adoption of Watson-based AI solutions on IBM Cloud.

Watson Guild for Charities

Watson Guild is an initiative driven by leading Watson AI Partners and IBM to develop AI solutions for the charity sector.

Partner profiles

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Filament works with organisations seeking to maximise the benefits of artificial intelligence.


The most innovative brands choose LivePerson to power conversational commerce.


Unlocking the secrets of data-driven marketing performance with cognitive and cloud technologies.

Jibes Data Analytics

Jibes uses IBM Watson technology to streamline the training & development of its AI-based analytics solutions.

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What's new in AI?

News stories, research studies, white papers and more

Market Analyst IDC ranks IBM as number one in AI

IDC report reveals worldwide Cognitive/AI Software Platforms market shares

SEAT & IBM revolutionise urban mobility with AI

SEAT launches 'Mobility Advisor' proof of concept powered by Watson AI running on the IBM Cloud.

IBM and Karantis360 team up with assisted living solution

UK startup Karantis360 transforms the delivery of care for people with physical and mental health needs.