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System integrators and consultancies help clients accelerate the adoption of AI and hybrid cloud technology

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IBM Service partners are essential to bringing IBM solutions to clients

IBM has a proven track record of collaborating with system integrators (SIs) and consultancies to build practices and Centers of Excellence that maximize the potential and value of IBM technology for clients. IBM invests in technical and go-to-market support to help service partners deliver on the latest technology and continuously hone their skills and expertise. These partnerships strive to accelerate their clients’ time to success by creating a seamless experience–from strategy to implementation and management.

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Let's make greater progress together Collaboration is the key to innovation. IBM Partner Plus provides service partners with the resources and support they need to grow their business. The more expertise and technology revenue you close, the more benefits you’ll unlock. With IBM Partner Plus, service partners will get everything needed to help make your vision a reality, including:

Recognition of your influence in a client’s decision towards IBM technology.

Dedicated local resources to ensure the success of service partners operating in those markets.

Access to more co-creation support for the development of service offerings to grow your business.

Introducing Concert – simplify and optimize application management and technology operations with generative AI
Global SIs and consultancies 

IBM service partners have trusted expertise in support of IBM AI and hybrid cloud technology and are leaders in bringing digital transformations to life.

IBM and Accenture are working together to transform clients' businesses, leveraging the latest tech and industry solutions to drive innovation and growth in the digital era. The partnership focuses on improving clients’ operations, offering tech-driven competitive advantages and participating in IBM product development beta programs. The alliance creates competitively priced, cutting-edge technology services.

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For over 20 years, IBM and Capgemini have enabled clients to unlock the value of technology to transform their business and re-imagine the future. Capgemini combines its deep industry expertise and IBM's technology to help address the entire breadth of customer needs in the fast-evolving fields of cloud, data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms serving diverse industries like financial services and manufacturing.

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Cognizant and IBM are collaborating to simplify digital transformations. The partnership co-creates commerce solutions, provides end-to-end cybersecurity services leveraging IBM’s security technologies, hosts workshops to innovate custom solutions, and prioritizes creating seamless integrations so clients can focus on their strategic priorities.

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IBM and Deloitte’s decades-long partnership brings together innovative technology and trusted consulting to help government and commercial clients run more efficiently, securely, and sustainably. The partnership’s capabilities span multiple offerings including multi-cloud, data and generative AI, cyber risk, sustainability, and government solutions.

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EY and IBM combine business ingenuity with AI and hybrid cloud solutions to solve the world’s most complex business challenges. The alliance’s offerings span sustainability–driving value-led action and outcomes; productivity–changing ways of working through AI and quantum; and interoperability–orchestrating best-in-class technologies to meet client preferences and protect their investments.

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HCLTech and IBM's long-standing partnership drives human progress and fosters continuous innovation using cutting-edge business and technology insights. HCLTech delivers modernized digital applications, integrated application-infrastructure autonomics and orchestration, mainframe transformation and advanced cognitive capabilities leveraging IBM watsonx and Red Hat® OpenShift®.

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IBM Consulting accelerates business transformation for our clients through hybrid cloud and AI technologies, leveraging our open ecosystem of partners. With deep industry expertise spanning strategy, experience design, technology, and operations, IBM has become the trusted partner to over 3,000 of the world’s most innovative and valuable companies, helping modernize and secure their most complex systems.

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Together, Infosys and IBM focus on helping clients accelerate business transformation with innovative Infosys solutions powered by IBM technology. The partnership addresses key client business areas as well as industry regulation and complexity, such as AI for business, customer care, business automation, sustainability (including sustainable supply chain), IT operations, application modernization, and infrastructure modernization.

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Delivering value across today’s evolving business landscape takes innovation, and innovation is at the core of the KPMG and IBM alliance. The alliance combines IBM’s leading technology with KPMG professionals’ in-depth knowledge of business processes, sector insights, regulatory, risk, finance, tax, and operational issues to address the challenges of digitally transforming businesses.

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LTIMindtree and IBM have a long-standing strategic partnership centered on driving innovation and digital transformation for their joint global clients. With a focus on gen AI, asset management, automation, security, and sustainability, LTIMindtree provides cutting-edge solutions with robust IBM technology. LTIMindtree is the first Indian Global System Integrator to join the IBM Quantum Network.

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NTT DATA provides consulting and digital transformation services with IBM's technology to deliver growth through new business models and joint solutions in the area of AIOps, FinOps, customer care, and mainframe application modernization. The partnership is focused on co-creating transformative solutions by embedding IBM’s AI portfolio into NTT offerings and developing generative AI use cases in NTT's watsonx Center of Excellence.

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TCS and IBM enable clients to evolve their social businesses into cognitive ones by delivering enhanced digital experiences on next-generation cloud service platforms. The alliance has invested in Centers of Excellence, labs, Proof of Concepts, Proof of Technology and capability development to show clients how TCS’s expertise in services and IBM technology are complementary and drive value.

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IBM and Tech Mahindra are committed to helping clients make quicker and smarter decisions by equipping them with actionable insights across all aspects of their enterprise and enabling their hybrid cloud strategy. The partnership has a strategic focus on Red Hat based hybrid cloud solutions for performance management, cyber security, AI Ops, intelligent networking, responsible AI amplification and sustainable IT.

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Wipro couples its deep domain expertise with IBM and Red Hat solutions to help clients maximize the value of their existing technology and drive digital transformation. Wipro applies cloud transformation services to IBM Cloud® Paks for applications, integration and multi-Cloud management and opensource container platform OpenShift to accelerate enterprises’ modernization efforts.

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Partner stories Capgemini and IBM collaborate to drive the future of drone potential

Capgemini’s Energy and Utilities Industry Platform, in collaboration with IBM Ecosystem Engineering GSI Lab, has developed Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS). This futuristic and sustainable offering is poised to revolutionize asset management.

EY and IBM to address complex ESG challenges and drive value-led sustainability

EY and IBM pursuing innovative offerings that help integrate sustainability with business strategy, support the operationalization of their programs with speed and scale. These solutions aim to transform how value is created for their business, their stakeholders, their people and the planet.

HCLTech to accelerate enterprise cloud migration

HCLTech has launched Shared Data Center as a Service, an offering built on IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. This advanced service aims to help enterprises accelerate their hybrid cloud transformation journeys.

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