Scale up and out securely at lower cost

IBM® z/VM® virtualization technology is a highly secure and scalable cloud infrastructure and for running diverse critical applications on IBM Z® and LinuxONE™ servers. Optimized workload deployment, system management, and legendary performance and scalability offer a foundation for Linux applications that is simple, cost-effective, efficient, and secure.

Run up to 8,000 virtual servers on a single system for unparalleled scalability

Run 25% more guests with the same throughput under z/VM 6.4

Get 4.8x better workload performance under z/VM 6.4 by leveraging additional memory

The foundational virtualization product

IBM z/VM hypervisor   

The IBM® z/VM® hypervisor is a virtualization technology platform for Z and LinuxONE servers that supports multiple operating systems including z/OS® and Linux.

Software and tools to make the most of z/VM

Simplify IT administration

IBM Infrastructure Suite for z/VM and Linux

This reduced cost, package offering enables insight, backup, and recovery to control your IBM z/VM and Linux™ on IBM Z environments.

IBM Wave for z/VM

This point-and-click graphical user interface streamlines system administration and management. It’s another reason z/VM is ideal for virtualization.

Use special features

z/VM Single System Image

Hypervisor clustering technology that helps reduce planned outages and balance workload across multiple z/VM systems with ease.

RACF Security Server for z/VM

Robust security software for virtualization to protect your z/VM and guest system resources.

Extend z/VM

IBM I/O Exerciser for Z

This stand-alone tool is used to verify a Z server I/O configuration without having to run a production workload.

IBM XL C/C++ for z/VM

An optimizing compiler is designed for developing large, complex, computationally-intensive applications.


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Run z/VM on the new IBM z14 and LinuxONE Emperor II servers.

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