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IBM® z/VM® is a highly secure and scalable virtualization technology for cloud infrastructure and for running critical applications on IBM Z® and LinuxONE™ servers. Legendary scalability, workload deployment, system management, and performance offer a secure, simple, cost-effective and efficient platform. IBM z/VM can host up to thousands of virtual servers on a single IBM Z mainframe.


Run 25% more guests with the same throughput with z/VM on z14™ mainframes.


Gain 4.8x z/VM workload performance with z14’s added memory.

Meet the foundational product

The IBM z/VM is a virtualization technology platform. It supports multiple operating systems including Linux, z/OS®, z/VSE® and z/TPF on IBM Z and LinuxONE servers.

The new IBM z/VM 7.1 Continuous Delivery model enables clients to exploit new and innovative z/VM capabilities at their own pace while helping to assure higher availability of their applications.

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Explore key features

z/VM Single System Image

This hypervisor clustering technology helps reduce planned outages and balance workloads across z/VM systems.

z/VM Performance Toolkit

This toolkit provides enhanced capabilities to monitor and report performance data.

RACF Security Server for z/VM

Robust security software for virtualization helps protect your z/VM and guest system resources.


IBM Directory Maintenance (DirMaint™) for z/VM helps manage z/VM’s user directory.

Related software to simplify IT administration

IBM Infrastructure Suite for z/VM and Linux

Enable insight, backup and recovery for z/VM and Linux on IBM Z environments.

IBM Wave for z/VM

This point-and-click graphical user interface streamlines system administration and management.

IBM Tape Manager for z/VM

Provides management of tape devices, volumes, and mount requests.

IBM Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM

Protect data on z/VM and images of non-z/VM systems such as Linux.

IBM Operations Manager for z/VM

Automated monitoring and management of z/VM virtual machines.

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux

Get operational insights into z/VM and Linux running on IBM Z.

More z/VM offerings and product information

See what other products, tools and technologies z/VM has to offer.

What can z/VM do for your enterprise virtualization?

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