Business process reengineering involves gaining total visibility into your organization’s business processes. Next, you apply technology and consulting services to automate, monitor and continuously improve business processes.  

The benefits

Gain insight into existing business processes with advanced analytics.

Move towards a digital operating model.

Deploy business process automation technology and applications.

Process management and reengineering services

Business Intelligence and Analytics Consulting

Use the power of cognitive technologies to help uncover and capture growth, boost productivity and reduce risk.

Business Model Innovation and Operating Model Services

Develop a well-defined operating model strategy to enable new competitive capabilities and differentiated customer value propositions.

Business Process Automation Services

From automating basic tasks to integrating cognitive computing technology into business processes, process automation can enable digital transformation in all areas of business.

Business Process and Operations Services

Reengineer and manage business processes, integrate intelligent automation technology, and use business process services to modernize your operations.

Case studies

Help reduce costs and keep customers happy with an AI-assisted call center

AI and chatbots can resolve up to 80% of routine queries at a call center. We are working with LivePerson to provide better customer experiences.

Help people get from A to B in buildings, seamlessly

The Internet of Things (IoT) is providing new methods of connecting, monitoring and optimizing building and cities. KONE is analyzing millions of data points to predict and respond in real-time.

Improve confidence in food safety

Bring transparency back into the food supply chain with blockchain, the revolutionary technology that can track each item from farm to fork with greater safety and efficiency.

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