IBM Virtual Servers features


Get unlimited inbound public and private network bandwidth. And 250 GB/mo public bandwidth (with monthly virtual servers). We offer public and private network ports, geographically redundant DNS, and dual-stack IPv2- and IPv6-capability.

Security and compliance

Onsite security 24/7. Proximity and biometric access control. Digital security video surveillance. Access to SoftLayer SOC 2 Report.

System administration

Advanced system reporting. Automated OS reloads. Remote reboot & console access. Nimsoft monitoring.

Developer tools

IBM Cloud API. IBM Cloud Development Network. Digital transcoding. Email delivery service.

Public servers

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Choose between balanced, balanced local, compute or memory and what flavor (core x GB RAM) and monthly or hourly. Balanced - Ideal for common cloud workloads requiring a balance of performance and scale. Balanced Local - Ideal for large database workloads requiring high I/O performance and low latency performance. 100 GB primary is standard on all local storage configs. Compute - Ideal for CPU-intensive workloads.  Memory - Ideal for memory-intensive workloads.

Dedicated instances

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Single-tenant offering with rapid provisioning for further control and flexibility in VSI deployments. Choose up to 56 cores and 242 GB RAM. Monthly or hourly options.

Dedicated Hosts

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Dedicated host pricing is inclusive of cores, RAM, local disc and port speeds.

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