Virtual Servers features

Public servers

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Choose between monthly or hourly balanced, balanced local, compute, memory or GPU flavors. Balanced - Ideal for common cloud workloads requiring a balance of performance and scale. Balanced Local - Ideal for large database workloads requiring high I/O performance and low latency performance. 100 GB primary is standard on all local storage configs. Compute - Ideal for CPU-intensive workloads. Memory - Ideal for memory-intensive workloads. GPU – Ideal for accelerated computing workloads such as machine/deep learning and high-performance computing (HPC). Suspended Billing - Ideal for intermittent workloads and to avoid reprovisioning.

Transient servers

Run your flexible or non-production workloads on IBM Cloud unused capacity at a fraction of the cost. When those resources are needed, the servers will be de-provisioned on a first-on, first-off basis. Ideal for non-production workloads, test and develop applications that don’t require constant uptime, allowing you to save without stretching your budget.

Dedicated instances

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Single-tenant offering with rapid provisioning for further control and flexibility in VSI deployments. Choose up to 56 cores and 242 GB RAM. Monthly or hourly options.

Dedicated hosts

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Single-tenant dedicated hosts help with control over workload placement by ensuring your workloads are placed appropriately based on your requirements. You can also view resource consumption — core, RAM and local storage — giving you maximum control over your workload management.


Get unlimited inbound public and private network bandwidth. And 250 GB/mo public bandwidth (with monthly virtual servers). We offer public and private network ports, geographically redundant DNS, and dual-stack IPv4- and IPv6-capability.

Security and compliance

Onsite security 24x7. Proximity and biometric access control. Digital security video surveillance.

System administration

Advanced system reporting. Automated OS reloads. Remote reboot and console access. Nimsoft monitoring.

Developer tools

IBM Cloud API. IBM Cloud Development Network. Digital transcoding. Email delivery service.

Virtual Servers Versions

Public virtual servers

Multi-tenant virtual server deployments give you rapid scalability and higher cost effectiveness with pre-defined sizes.

Transient virtual servers

This multi-tenant environment offers IBM Cloud unused capacity to customers at a lower price. When the resources are needed, the workloads are deprovisioned.

Dedicated virtual servers

Single-tenant with rapid provisioning and flexibility, enabling virtual server placement control for workloads requiring physical isolation.

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