IBM InfoSphere Information Server on Cloud

IBM InfoSphere® Information Server on Cloud provides a fully customizable, comprehensive data integration and governance platform, powered by the IBM Cloud® infrastructure. Bring flexibility and scalability to your enterprise information strategy.


Extend your extract, transform, load (ETL) infrastructure

Expand your integration environment or begin your transition to the IBM Cloud with flexible deployment options and subscription pricing.

Establish ad hoc environments

Scale quickly to create new environments for ad hoc development and testing, or for limited duration projects.

Start new projects on the cloud

Get started on the IBM Cloud and realize faster time-to-value by significantly reducing administration and management burdens.

Key features

End-to-end data integration

Comprehensive data integration options can help you to more easily support trusted and governed information.

Data standardization and validation

Maintain an agile, business-focused environment to customize data standardization processes for your business needs.

Scalable ETL capabilities

Parallel processing, with no upper limits on throughput and performance, means transformation and aggregation of any data volume.

InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition on Cloud Managed

A fully managed end-to-end platform.

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