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Fully managed MySQL: Purpose-built for mission-critical workloads, offering sure performance with scalability, security and a de facto standard for web apps.

The most popular open-source relational database MySQL makes it easy to deploy, operate and scale cloud-native applications. 

Focus on applications and business dev — and not database management — with this fully managed MySQL service.

Use cases

Hybrid OLTP and OLAP

architectual diagram for Hybrid OLTP and OLAP workloads

Hybrid OLTP and OLAP workloads

Run transactional (OLTP) and real-time operational intelligence processing (OLAP) workloads simultaneously within one database platform.

Cloud-native applications

architectual diagram for Cloud-native applications

Cloud-native applications

Boost agility with modern, cloud-native MySQL-based apps. Provision resources to assist new business opportunities while automating management tasks.


architectual diagram for Microservices


Build small, independent and loosely coupled microservices-based web apps with a reliable, flexible MySQL database.


Why IBM Cloud?

The management and maintenance of infrastructure and database server is simplified with this managed MySQL service. Quickly automate your routine tasks.
Feature  Self-hosted MySQL IBM Cloud® Databases for MySQL
Automatic, point-in-time recovery backups
High availability with 99.99% SLA across three data centers in an IBM Cloud® multi-zone region
Automatic, online database security patches and upgrades
Out-of-the-box integration with IBM Cloud® Virtual Server for VPC
Instant provisioning with industry best-practice configurations
Transparent operating system management, security and upgrades 
Server acquisition, management and maintenance
Bring your own encryption key for data at rest 
Native monitoring and audit integration
Seamless integration with observability services


Reliable. Customizable. Open source.

Fully managed MySQL

IBM manages backups, read replicas, logging, monitoring, scaling and more.

High availability

MySQL deployments use multiple availability zones for a 99.99% SLA.

Advanced security

Data is encrypted at rest and in motion. Compliant with HIPAA and GDPR.

Scale effortlessly

Scale disk independently to fit your dynamic app requirements with easy to use auto-scaling and hourly billing.

Automation aware

Go global with integrated, infrastructure-as-code tools at no extra charge.

Flexible options

Separately scale disk, RAM and vCPUs without the need to migrate instance classes. 

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