Upcoming Important Changes to the SDK for Node.js Buildpack

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In late September 2019, we will deploy a new SDK for Node.js buildpack.

The new buildpack is rebased on the most recent version of the Cloud Foundry community Node.js buildpack, v1.6.53. The rebase is essentially a complete rewrite. The current buildpack is predominately written in shell script; the next buildpack is predominately written in Go. 

What changes will this bring?

The significant changes in the SDK for Node.js buildpack include the following:

  • Removing support for App Management.
  • Removing support for FIPS.
  • Removing support for full semantic versioning for node.js runtimes. 

Rebasing the SDK for Node.js buildpack will provide the latest features and more closely align the buildpack with the community produced buildpack. 

The SDK for Node.js buildpack will continue to provide two node.js runtime versions for each LTS version currently in support. Today, that includes 8.x, 10.x, and 12.x.  

The buildpack also provides support to download any available Node.js runtime by specifying a specific runtime version in the package.json. For example, to install the latest version 10 included in the buildpack, you would specify the following in the package.json:

"engines": {
    	"node": "10.x"

To download and install the latest version 6, you must specify a specific version in the package.json:

"engines": {
    	"node": "6.17.0"

The buildpack does not support using caret(^), tilde (~),  greater than (>), less than (<), or equal (=) to specify the node engine version. The package.json must specify a specific version of the Node.js runtime to use a version not included in the buildpack. 

Learn more about the SDK for Node.js buildpack.

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