Static Web Hosting with IBM Cloud Object Storage

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Configure and access any of your Cloud Object Storage buckets as a website.

Customers have been hosting their images and video for their websites in IBM Cloud Object Storage. Today, the entire static website can be hosted on Cloud Object Storage without having to run a separate application, VM, or bare metal server to host the web server. You can now configure and access any of your Cloud Object Storage buckets as a website, complete with index and error documents.

Website endpoints

To access the static website function, Cloud Object Storage provides a new website endpoint for each bucket location. For example, is the endpoint for the US East region. The existing buckets and endpoints continue to work the same way.

Root and index documents

When you configure your bucket as a website, you can specify the index document you want returned for requests made to the root of your website. For example, a GET request made to the following URI (either direct or via a CNAME):

Will return the following object:

Error document

When a static website bucket error occurs, an HTML page of the error provided by the configured error page will be returned.

Redirect and routing rules

You can globally redirect all of your traffic, or you can create individual rules that process incoming requests for specific pages based on the rules you define.

You can use the custom bucket template in the Cloud Object Storage UI to create a static website with a new bucket. To make an existing bucket into a static website, you can use the Bucket Configuration panel.

Static website hosting on Cloud Object Storage allows you to now build a cloud-native, entirely serverless application, complete with a website!

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