SiB Solutions’ Journey to Enabling Flawless Logistics with IBM Cloud Code Engine

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Sometimes, the gap between what you want and what’s available seems insurmountable.

Compromising and adjusting expectations can help bring the two closer, but it’s rare to find a product that closes the gap and perfectly aligns with your vision. For SiB Solutions, that product is IBM Cloud Code Engine.

Enabling flawless logistics

SiB Solutions is a logtech company based at Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden. Companies that handle valuable goods turn to us for superior visibility and insight into their local and international logistics operations. Our subscription-based intelligent video services with artificial intelligence (AI) enable customers to cut costs, increase margins and strengthen their brands.

We use AI to help our customers improve the accuracy of order fulfillment. Our intelligent video cameras monitor our customers’ warehouses, and we use a combination of onsite and cloud processing to identify what is happening and guide operators. For example, a forklift driver would hear a sound and receive an augmented reality (AR) overlay of the current load with a red rectangle around the misplaced box, along with clear markers showing where it should be put instead.

We run the solution as microservices in a public cloud environment, leveraging both Kubernetes and Docker containers. It’s complex but elegant, and my team and I are all passionate about growing and refining it for our customers.

Our requirements

When we decided to move our cloud-native solution to a new cloud platform, we had a clear list of requirements.

To begin with, we wanted to put all our solution components on a single cloud platform. We wanted it to be serverless and allow us to scale up and down as needed. Our focus is on our product development, so we were not interested in spending a lot of time managing our server infrastructure or adapting our products to fit a specialized service with different rules, limitations or quirks.

We knew exactly what we wanted, but our initial conversations with cloud providers didn’t boost our confidence. An environment that was the right amount of easy, open and scalable seemed out of reach.

The right fit

Then we learned about IBM Cloud Code Engine. It checked all of the boxes. Because it is a fully managed, truly serverless environment, there would be no need to worry about networking, scaling or sizing our clusters. We could deploy our apps immediately, without adapting them to the new environment.

In short, deploying our applications on IBM Cloud Code Engine would be simple and straightforward, and we would be able to run our workloads exactly the way we wanted to. It was the ideal environment.  

Thanks to the team at Startup with IBM® Accelerator Sweden, we got to start using IBM Cloud Code Engine in Beta, and it was exactly what we envisioned. The system doesn’t tell us what we’re supposed to do. It doesn’t put any unreasonable limitations on what we can do. It just works. That means that we can keep doing what we do best at SiB Solutions — enabling flawless logistics.

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