Watch: Partnering to Drive Telco Cloud Network Automation — Juniper Networks and IBM

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“Cloud, 5G, and AI are the three technology vectors coming together to create new opportunities.” — Raj Yavatkar, CTO, Juniper Networks

If you’re a Communications Service Provider (CSP), you know that network traffic is growing and changing. Traditionally, CSPs and large enterprises have been operating complex physical network infrastructures to serve their customers.

Such traditional infrastructures are very expensive and less agile than cloud native architectures, making it difficult for companies to scale that infrastructure exponentially to cater to the rapidly changing needs of users.

By leveraging cloud principles and network slicing, you can create a more agile, virtualized, and converged infrastructure, allowing you to consolidate multiple network functions.

Network slicing also offers the opportunity to disrupt private networking.

It enables the dynamic creation of services for new and diverse customers over the same physical infrastructure — fast, efficiently, and inexpensively.

    In the above video featuring Juniper Networks and IBM, you’ll get insights into these areas and find answers to the following questions:

    • Why are disaggregation and open source critical to network agility?
    • Why should CSPs adopt a customer-driven approach?
    • How do network slicing and orchestration benefit 5G-enabled applications?

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