Intel on IBM Cloud: The Latest Microarchitecture for Processor Enthusiasts

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Intel on IBM Cloud: The Latest Microarchitecture for Processor Enthusiasts

IBM Cloud is excited to announce the upcoming availability of IBM Cloud Bare Metal and Virtual Servers powered by the new Cascade Lake family of Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.

Intel’s next generation of compute microarchitecture will deliver the increased performance required by enterprises’ most demanding high-performance compute (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads.

The new processor incorporates a performance-optimized multi-chip package to deliver up to 28 cores per CPU and up to 6 DDR4 memory channels per socket—also supporting Intel’s Optane™ DC persistent memory—especially valuable for in-memory compute SAP workloads. An additional layer of hardware-enhanced security measures inside the Cascade Lake platform further secures IBM client data, software, and cloud applications across the entire IBM Cloud stack.

Timed-to-market with Intel’s availability in spring 2019, IBM Cloud will be the first cloud provider to deliver the advanced Cascade Lake platform on bare metal and virtual servers at a worldwide scale in IBM Cloud regions, with multiple availability zones across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

IBM Cloud understands that the future of your business rides on the cloud architectures you’re migrating to, refreshing from, and defining today. We believe we have a responsibility to help you get that journey right—for your success and the success of your business. This first wave of the latest Intel technology on IBM Cloud servers is just the beginning. Going forward, Intel and IBM Cloud are working together to bring new platform technologies into the Cascade Lake refresh on IBM Cloud servers that will help enterprise IT teams more easily port their performance-hungry, on-premise workloads to hybrid cloud estates.

Early access results with real-world workloads from is a leader in localized programmatic advertising and works with today’s largest buyers of localized advertising, including multi-location brands, agencies, local media groups, networks, and trading desks. These companies utilize to deliver performance on high volumes of localized campaigns and to provide deep data insights on their dynamic audiences. directly accesses unstructured data to enable marketers to target, bid, optimize, and report at the individual data element level. Unstructured data offers unlimited opportunities for individually relevant advertising, and the high-performance computing from IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers offers unlimited power, control, and isolation for their bidding applications.

The setup

The IBM Cloud team stood up a proof-of-concept for’s IT team to compare the performance of their processor-intensive bidding application against their current Broadwell-based IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers. Their bidder application analyzes millions of ad opportunities every second, placing bids to serve ads based on a wide variety of targeting options.

The results

With each ad opportunity across their bidder application, is matching data collected on over a billion devices against tens of thousands of active advertising campaigns. So, needless to say, we were eager to see the added value of more cores as it related to more bids per second.

“The capability of the entire platform was pretty evident right away. We were seeing double-digit performance gains on our IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers with Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Cascade Lake)—and that was without us even tweaking the settings on our end,” said Mike Mooney, Director of Operations,

IBM Cloud is committed to delivering the fastest, most flexible, most comprehensive cloud solutions available today. This latest announcement is not only a testament to our trusted partnership with Intel but also a testament to supporting our clients’ most demanding workloads with more options and power than ever before. We’re thrilled to bring the new Intel Xeon Scalable Processors to our bare metal and virtual server clients around the globe—enhancing modern application performance and delivery on every level.

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For more information on IBM Cloud Bare Metal and Virtual Servers currently available and powered by Intel, visit For more information about the up and coming Cascade Lake refresh point, please contact us at 1-866-398-7638.

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