IBM Cloud Satellite and Alibaba Cloud: Addressing Data Residency and Sovereignty in Asia Pacific

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IBM Cloud Satellite is now supported on Alibaba Cloud.

Data sovereignty is a major challenge for enterprises — especially for organizations with a global footprint — because they must address the particular regulations of multiple countries. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 76% of countries either have existing legislation or draft legislation to address data protection and privacy.

So, how does a company find time, budget and skill to grow the business, innovate and delight their customers while up against a headwind like data residency laws worldwide? Gartner predicts that the growing compliance and regulatory fragmentation will drive the creation of new cloud ecosystems and data services.

Distributed cloud is a strong option to address data residency, gravity and sovereignty challenges because it allows for the distribution of cloud services to the location of the data. In other words, distributed cloud allows your data to stay where it is and brings services, software and applications to the data where it resides.

Partnering with Alibaba Cloud

IBM Cloud Satellite is IBM’s hybrid cloud solution, allowing clients the flexibility to run workloads anywhere they need them. Operated as-as-service, it provides consistent deployment and visibility from a single pane of glass to the location of the client’s choice on their preferred infrastructure — in an on-premises data center, at the edge or any cloud provider — with a reliable set of security, compliance and risk management controls.

In an exciting step to address data residency needs of clients in Asia Pacific and around the globe, IBM Cloud Satellite is now supported on Alibaba Cloud. This will unlock use cases in the region, such as the ability to modernize applications consistently across a hybrid multicloud environment or the ability to get faster insights by co-locating data and artificial intelligence (AI) services with the data.

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One thing is for sure — the regulatory landscape will only continue to grow more complex, and IBM is poised to help our clients navigate such challenges. With the award-winning IBM Cloud Satellite, we can now help address data residency requirements across Asia Pacific, meeting clients where they are on their Alibaba Cloud and other infrastructure of their choice.

See the documentation to learn how to set up an IBM Cloud Satellite location on Alibaba Cloud.

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