Flexible & secure: Cloud storage solutions for all your workload needs

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Flexible & secure: Cloud storage solutions for all your workload needs

Cloud technology has ushered in great choices for customers around storage. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, increase flexibility or simply accelerate new applications, you need a cloud that can help your infrastructure extend and modernize. When it comes to storage in the cloud, having a combination of block, file and cloud object storage gives you the ability to optimize your storage costs all while providing reliability, durability and security.

IBM Cloud has enterprise-grade storage solutions that can help your businesses’ use cases — from storing unstructured and structured data to data migration services and more. Let’s dive into a few of these topics.

Lowest latency workloads for structured data

Need a storage solution that best supports your lowest-latency workloads for structured data? IBM Cloud block storage enables complete control over persistent storage using iSCSI-based block storage with up to 12 TB of capacity. High transactional workloads where performance and latency are critical factors, such as Oracle databases, can now leverage the consistent, high speed performance provided by block storage.  When used along with IBM bare metal servers, our block storage is certified for SAP HANA and SAP Net Weaver workloads – a great option for when you want the same control, power and flexibility that you get in an on-premises data center.

IBM Cloud file storage’s high-performance, NFS based solution, is perfect for workloads from structured to unstructured data. Our file storage is best suited for workloads that require file systems with the lowest latency possible, like VMWare, MS SQL Server and Oracle. If your business needs to have large shared file systems, or perform local archiving, file storage is the most effective solution around.

Horizontal scalability and flex pricing for unstructured data

Cloud object storage is the “new kid on the block” so to speak. With the explosion of unstructured data (i.e. images, streaming, bulky content) generated from consumer device proliferation, the storing of this volume of data became too expensive and complex for block and file models.  Cloud object storage or ‘COS’ technology takes this bulky, unstructured content and puts it in a ‘bucket’ as one unit, ultimately providing businesses with horizontal scalability and pricing flexibility. It’s also great for data archiving. With IBM Cloud Object Storage specifically, Watson Analytics and AI tools are easily plugged into these data stores to discover new insights into customer behavior and patterns.

Market-leading cost-efficiency for on-prem to cloud data migration

To complement our block, file and COS storage offerings, IBM offers data migration services and backup services. For data migration services, we have a broad array of offerings that can move your data to the cloud quick and easily. With our latest IBM Mass Data Migration announcement, we’ve made it easy to shift data from on-premises to the IBM Cloud. Mass Data Migration is a shippable, suitcase-size device that holds up to 120TB of data. Whatever your migration needs are, we have a solution to help.

Multi-vault redundancy for persistent backup requirements

Last but not least, you always need a strong backup solution for your cloud environment. With IBM Cloud’s EVault Backup capabilities include– differential backups, multi-environment support and flexible customization, to name a few. But most importantly EVault provides multi-vaulting for redundancy. Multi-vaulting is an offsite EVault capability to backup data across more than one physical site – a functionality that provides much needed redundancy for a variety of applications, typically for disaster recovery readiness and mitigation.

Secure to the core, AI ready and here for all your application needs – no matter the storage solution you pick, our cloud services can give your cloud the boost it needs.

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