A JDBC Driver for Infinite Data

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Today, we are announcing the General Availability of SQL Query's JDBC Driver.

This allows you to take advantage of the power of serverless analytics and data transformation with the effectively limitless storage capacity of IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Through the IBM SQL Query service, IBM Cloud Object Storage is well equipped to directly serve SQL jobs on open data formats, be it for data transformation or be it for analytic queries. With the just-released JDBC Driver, it is now possible to run SQL jobs directly on object storage data from many standard applications, such as for instance BI tools like Tableau. In addition, you can build your JDBC applications for instance in Java.

How to use the JDBC Driver

Using the JDBC Driver is very straight forward—just download the jar file of the latest driver version and install it into your application. Then, configure the according JDBC URL and an IAM API Key for your IBM Cloud account user or service ID. That's it. 

All communication through the Driver to IBM Cloud to submit and run the SQL job, read the data from the desired cloud object storage buckets, and persist results of SQL ETL jobs to a defined target on object storage is done in a single-sign-on fashion with the IAM API Key.

The JDBC Driver is fully integrated with the hive metastore of IBM SQL Query. So all table and view definitions are properly exposed through the JDBC Driver so that BI applications like Tableau or relational database tools like DBeaver display the available input data sets like for any other RDBMS.

Learn more

Further details for downloading and using the JDBC Driver can be found here.

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