IBM Cloud Security Advisor Findings API: Python and Node.js SDKs (and More)

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IBM Cloud Security Advisor Findings API SDKs

IBM Cloud Security Advisor enables centralized security management through a unified dashboard that alerts security admins to issues and helps them understand, prioritize, manage, and resolve security issues that are related to their cloud applications and workloads.

Get started with a Security Advisor tutorial.

IBM Cloud Security Advisor Service Findings API is the REST endpoint to post metadata and findings to IBM Cloud Security Advisor.

We are excited to announce the first release of Python SDK and Node.js SDK for interacting with this API. This will accelerate your integration with the service.

Generating SDKs for other languages

We have used Swagger Codegen to develop the SDK. SDKs in other languages can be developed in a similar manner. Here is a typical command to generate one in a language of your choice provided it is supported by this code generator.

swagger-codegen generate -i -l <<language of your choice>> -o /tmp/test/ -c <<configuration files>> -t <<template directory>>

You can create your own templates and configuration files which are read by the code generator to customize the final output. It also generates a full-fledged documentation for all the APIs, along with example usages.

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