Announcing Data Replication for IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

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We are excited to release the replication for continuous availability capability for IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud.

This feature allows customers to replicate transactions asynchronously between two or more IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud (Db2WoC) instances — regardless of location — with low latency for very high-volume workloads.

Data replication for continuous availability and its use-cases

Based on Log-Capture/Transaction Replay replication technology, this feature provides customers the flexibility to selectively replicate tables from a source Db2WoC instance. This flexibility enables customers to implement various business use-cases while also optimizing their costs. Some of the top data-management use-cases that can be addressed include the following: 

  • Active-active configuration: Keeping two or more Db2WoC instances available for load balancing or isolating workloads.
  • High availability: Unidirectional replication will enable customers to maintain two or more instances in sync for unexpected outages.
  • Disaster recovery at unlimited distance: With RPO of seconds or minutes during heavy peaks (but catching up quickly) and RTO that can be near immediate, customers will have the advantage of a DR solution that is active-active, allowing the DR site to be used for workloads — not an idle standby.
  • Compliance/regulatory: For customers who have regulatory requirements to maintain data copies in sync and conduct failover and fallback on a regular schedule for conformance, without the need for an application outage.
  • Test/develop/invent: Customers who want to carry out development, unit testing, or spin up a sandbox for your data science use-cases with selective data requirements.  

Features of continuous data replication for IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

  • Active-active bidirectional or unidirectional data replication
  • Optimized for massive transactions common to Enterprise Data Warehouse Workloads
  • Continuous streaming with latency in seconds to minutes
  • Secure, high-speed transport with parallel apply on target replicas
  • Support for both row and column-organized data
  • Simple UI for activation, enablement and monitoring
  • API support for Restful services

How to set up replication

Release details

  • Pricing: Replication will be charged based on the amount of data replicated.
  • Plan coverage: This feature will be available on Db2WoC – Flex and Flex-Performance plans on both IBM Cloud and AWS.
  • Data centers: This feature will be rolled out in all supported data centers by end of March 2021.

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