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And we’re off! MQ on IBM Cloud is here

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MQ turns 25 years young this year! As part of its birthday celebration, it has a gift for the world: MQ on IBM Cloud.

The service will be generally available as of March 13, 2018.

Here are some of the key improvements we’ve made since releasing Beta:

  • Paid queue managers can be deployed in one of three pre-configured sizes
  • A step-by-step guided tour is included in the service console user interface, making it easier to get started
  • Queue manager connection credentials can be generated through the service’s embedded experience
  • Enhanced documentation with more detail about key areas such as security and queue manager configuration

But the journey doesn’t stop here; MQ is a managed service in IBM Cloud, so you’ll see it evolve and improve without having to lift a finger, as we maintain the service for you!

You are also kindly invited to our webinar about provisioning a queue manager in minutes with MQ on IBM Cloud.

If you’re at Think 2018, you can hear about MQ on IBM Cloud at the following sessions:
Open lab session – 9119 – Get hands on with the new IBM MQ managed cloud service

Without further delay, you can find and enjoy MQ on IBM Cloud, here. If you’re yet to try the service, there’s a trial queue manager included for you to see what all the quick, zero-effort, buzz is about.


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