Node.js Foundation Launched

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Node.js and io.js developer communities today are announcing a collaboration to merge their respective code bases and continue their work in a neutral forum, the Node.js Foundation.

Node is the language of choice for new, cloud native web and mobile apps. Every week thousands of new users join Bluemix and with greater frequency than any other language, they choose Node. This speaks to the ongoing emergence and broad popularity of Node, its applicability to cloud native and microservice architectures and the interest and adoption with our enterprise clients that are voting with their workloads. By delivering first class support for Node across public, private and on-premises cloud environments, we are making it possible for developers working on apps and workloads of all types to leverage Node with success and scale.

As part of its commitment to open technologies, IBM will continue to work closely with the community. IBM will be a Platinum sponsor of the Foundation, will sit on the Board, and in recognition of its technical contributions to the community has two members on the Node Technical Steering Committee. IBM has previously contributed its technical enhancements back to the community, and just as at OpenStack and Cloud Foundry, following the launch of the Foundation, we expect to increase the rate of our technical contributions.

Node will play a central role in Enterprise mobile and cloud computing. We already see IBM customers deploying Node for mobile and cloud applications. Each week thousands of new customers deploy to IBM Bluemix, and we notice a couple of things. First, of the many application environments supported by Bluemix, the most popular choice for new customers is frequently Node.js. Second, many of these customers take advantage of Bluemix’s advanced support for public, private and on-prem clouds to deploy Node.js applications that are quite sophisticated.

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Happy to learn that this two groups will work together for a long time.

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