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Today’s developers rely on search for problem resolution and how-to advice. Many of those searches land on Stack Overflow, a leader among technical community Q&A. Recognizing the importance of engaging with developers where they congregate online, the Bluemix development and support team is active on Stack Overflow, following the #bluemix tag.

Some Bluemixers new to Stack Overflow wonder how it is supported versus dW Answers for Bluemix, hosted here on developerWorks. Is one more “official” than the other? Are certain types of questions more appropriate for one venue versus the other?

Before offering guidelines, it’s worth stating plainly: dW Answers for Bluemix, hosted on developerWorks, will continue to co-exist with other online communities. Some developers prefer IBM-hosted communities and others prefer non-IBM communities; we’ll be active in all leading developer communities.

Stack Overflow offers guidelines on what types of questions are welcome in Can I support my product on Stack Overflow? Their guidelines are repeated below with clarification for Bluemix-specific questions:

  • How do I? — your choice of Stack Overflow or dW Answers
  • I got this error, why? — your choice of Stack Overflow or dW Answers
  • Service XYZ in region ABC is down, is this a known issue? — dW Answers (check the status/notifications page, and if necessary open a support ticket)
  • I got this error and I’m sure it’s a bug — dW Answers
  • I have an idea/request — dW Answers
  • Why do you …? — dW Answers
  • When will you …? — dW Answers

For further clarification and guidance, it’s worth reading Stack Overflow’s What topics can I ask about here? and How do I ask a good question? Much of the advice offered there applies to just about any Q&A community.

Your questions and comments about these guidelines are welcome below.

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