IBM Bluemix General Availability!

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IBM Bluemix Now Open!It’s here! Today marks the general availability of IBM Bluemix, our open cloud platform intended to facilitate rapid development of applications in the cloud. With more than 50 services and flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing, the GA adds a lot of new functions since our last beta refresh at the end of May. Below, I’ll give you a glimpse of all of the cool features that are live and available right now.

Pricing and Free Accounts

Bluemix Home

Ok, let’s get the business part of this out of the way right up front — basic accounts remain free. If you don’t already have an account, you can just go to, register, and get free instant access to a 30-day trial without a credit card.

After registration, you’ll start with a trial that allows you to build apps and add services at no charge. When the trial is over, you’ll continue to have access to freebies and you’ll pay only for what you use above and beyond that. You’ll have a lot of flexibility to choose the runtime usage levels and service plans that best meet your needs as shown on the new Bluemix Pricing page.

Solutions & New Services

Bluemix is about helping you quickly compose building blocks to solve your problems. With that in mind, we’re providing Solutions Pages to inform you about the extensive number of services in these major categories:

The list of services in these areas keeps growing. Today, 7 new services have been made available to aid with business analytics, dev ops, internet of things, and security:

AppScan Dynamic Analyzer

Brings the power of AppScan’s proven Dynamic Application Security Testing to the Cloud, identifying security issues in web applications to help you ensure that they are secure.

AppScan Mobile Analyzer

Brings the power of AppScan to Android mobile applications, identifying security issues in your mobile apps, to help you ensure that they are not vulnerable to malware.

App User Registry

Provides a basic app security framework, enabling you to create a user registry with authentication and authorization for their apps.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Automates builds and test execution, configures build scripts, and automates execution of unit tests. Automatically build and deploy your application to Bluemix.

Embeddable Reporting

Provides a mechanism to connect to relational sources, create reports/dashboard, and embed within applications by using RESTful APIs.


Adds gaming technology to your application to increase user engagement and improve business outcomes.

Geospatial Analytics

Expands the boundaries of your application. Leverage real-time geospatial analytics to track events and understand when devices enter defined regions.

Service Migration

If you made use of services during the beta period, there have been some changes you should know about. For some services, you may need to take action to migrate to the GA-level version.


The Bluemix Catalog is the place you go to start building apps and creating services/add-ons. We’ve made several enhancements to the catalog to give you more information and to help you find things faster:

  • Ability to explore the rich set of app starters, services, and add-ons even without an account Catalog Services
  • Construction of separate “details” pages for all starters and services which provide links to documentation, terms of use, and full plan/pricing informationCatalog Geospatial Service Details
  • Enhanced search/filtering capabilities, such as being able to limit the catalog to show only Starters, Services, or Add-onsCatalog Filter Bar
  • General layout and styling improvements
  • Special indicators for beta and experimental services/add-ons


The Dashboard allows you to manage the apps and services you’ve created. For GA, there are some important improvements in this key area of the Bluemix UI:

  • Addition of list views to make it easier to work with long lists of apps and services — one of my personal favorites!Bluemix Dashboard List View
  • Enhanced action bar to make it easier to find actions. For example, the circled buttons in the screenshot below allow toggling between card and list views.Dashboard Action Bar
  • Restyling of app and service cards to make it easier to quickly understand the info that’s shownBluemix Dashboard

Other UI Updates

In addition to the significant Catalog and Dashboard additions, there are some other miscellaneous improvements to note:

  • Updated account page which allows you to see detailed usage information across all of your apps and services on an organization-by-organization basis.
  • Display of important system notifications & announcements upon login.
  • Ability to find deep diagnostic info for apps created with certain runtimes. For example, if you have apps using Liberty for Java, then you will have access to Java traces and dumps.Java Heap Dump

Enhanced Mobile Support

Mobile is a huge part of Bluemix, and the GA brings a lot of cool enhancements for mobile developers. These include updates to the Mobile SDK and added functionality to mobile services. And, to help those who were in the beta, a migration guide is available.

Catalog Mobile Starter Details


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find samples and other information so you can focus on writing code. With that in mind, our Bluemix Documentation site now has a completely new look and feel. In addition, we’ve added a bunch of new content.

Bluemix Documentation

New Domain Name

Apps developed by our users now use as their default domain (as announced previously). And, of course, you still have the option of using custom domains.

Eclipse Tools for Bluemix

For the large community of developers who use Eclipse or the WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools (WDT), our Eclipse Tools for Bluemix is now generally available. This Eclipse plugin allows you to seamlessly deploy your JavaScript, WAR files, EAR files, and Liberty Profile packaged servers to Bluemix. And, you can download it right now for free! In addition, detailed instructions for using the tools are available in the Bluemix documentation.

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoy the GA updates. We’re always striving to improve Bluemix to give you the best experience possible. So, if you have questions or other feedback, please let us know on the Bluemix Dev-to-Dev Community or tweet us at @IBMBluemix. Finally, if you want to talk to other Bluemix developers in person, check out one of the local Bluemix meetups in your area.

NOTE: Updated evening of June 30 to reflect function that has gone live during the day.

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Juan Cervine

This website is extremely slow, not a good sign…



    Hi — sorry you ran into issues yesterday morning. There were some intermittent performance problems, but things should be a lot better now if you’d like to try again. We take such feedback seriously, and I encourage you to report any problems you see on our developer-to-developer forum.



Congratulations !!


Arun Madan

This is a great news, it it available for setting up client POC’s by internal teams


Vincent LETORT

Great news!


Frank McGonagle

Many,many congratulations.
We look forward to fully exploiting the potential of BlueMix for our business and clients.
Frank McGonagle, Technical Director, Wholeschool



Small point: The title bar of this page has the wrong capitalisation of Bluemix. It’s not BlueMix 🙂



    Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve let the developerWorks admins know about this issue. I can’t change it myself as the “BlueMix Dev” part of the page titles comes from the system.



Yaaay! This is great news. This is great way to learn and a great way to deploy my apps.



Thanks for the updates…I will be following these closely. Warmest Regards.



What are the features and limitations of a free account? Will the apps run 720h/month for free, like OpenShift?



    Hi… I’d encourage you to look at our new Bluemix Pricing page for full details on the charges for different runtimes and services.

    For runtimes, charges will be based on the number of GB-hours that your app runs. Currently, 375 GB-hours (shared across all runtimes) will be free per month.



      Under pricing page
      It says under features “375 GB-Hours free per month (shared across all runtimes)” and at the same time it says “$0.07 USD/GB-Hour” under Price Section.
      I am not able to understand this combination..
      1) Does this mean that, when user exceeds 375GB, the Price will be $0.07 USD/GB-Hour.. ?
      2) What does GB-Hour means.. ? Does this indicate Hours Or GB..?



        Hi… Thank you for your questions. Yes, as you say in #1, the idea is that after 375 GB-hr you would be charged $0.07 USD/GB-Hour.

        Now, as for what “GB-Hr” represents… it’s meant to be a measure of the amount of memory allocated to your app multiplied by the number of hours the app runs. So, if your app is allocated 1 GB and runs for 5 hours, that would 5 GB-hr. If it’s allocated 512MB and runs for 30 hours, that would be 15 GB-Hr.

        The amount of memory allocated to your app is completely configurable via the Bluemix UI or via the command line. In the UI, see the “App Details” page for your app. On the command line, see the “cf scale” command.

        I hope this makes it more clear. If not, please let me know.



I am so glad with this announcement … I am sure that we are just starting a new age for developing software.



The Pricing page doesn’t load. I get “502 Bad Gateway: Registered endpoint failed to handle the request.”



    I’m very sorry to hear you encountered this issue. The Pricing Page appears to be loading now.

    We take these kind of problems very seriously. So, if you encounter anything like this again, I encourage you to post to our Developer Support Community. That forum is monitored continuously.

    Again, our apologies.



This website( is extremely slow, not at all a good sign…, already notified by many users, I still feel it very slow.



    I’m sorry the website was slow for you. We’ve been doing performance tuning, so I hope you’ll please try again.

    We want to make sure the Bluemix UI performs well. So, if the problems persist, I encourage you to post to our Developer Support Community. The forum is monitored continuously and you’re more likely to get a quick response. Please include details like browser version, etc.



    And the mobile experience is pathetic, even now:(



      Thank you for your feedback. I totally agree with you that the mobile experience needs work.

      Enabling the Bluemix UI to render and work well on devices of varying sizes is one of our top priorities. At this time, I can’t say when or if everything will work perfectly on mobile. But, I can tell you that some nice improvements should be available in the next few weeks.


[…] Bluemix opera con infraestructura de SoftLayer y combina el software de IBM con otras herramientas y servicios abiertos de sus socios de negocio y ecosistema de desarrolladores. El objetivo es ofrecer DevOps en la nube, un modelo de desarrollo abierto y ágil, escalable tanto para las startups unipersonales como las grandes empresas. […]


[…] Bluemix combines the strength of IBM’s middleware software with other open services and tools from IBM partners and its developer ecosystem to offer DevOps in the cloud – an open, agile development model scalable from one-person startups to large enterprises. The growing catalog includes tools in categories such as Big Data, social, mobile, security, and the Internet of Things, and for industries ranging from mobile commerce, academia, advertising, and emerging spaces such as wearables. […]


[…] open beta period, makes IBM’s deployment of Cloud Foundry one of the largest in the world. Bluemix combines the strength of IBM’s middleware software with other open services and tools from IBM […]


Debmalya Jash

Tried to deply a war file using cf push. In the same directory I have my war file.
Received following error
2014-07-28T01:58:27.29+0800 [STG] ERR /var/vcap/packages/dea_next/buildp
acks/lib/buildpack.rb:101:in `build_pack’: Unable to detect a supported applicat
ion type (RuntimeError)

What option I have to use for war file?



    Sorry you’re having problems deploying your app. You might try running the following command to see if there’s any additional diagnostic information in recent logs:

    cf logs APP_NAME --recent

    Otherwise, I suggest you post your issue to the Developer Forum. There’s a whole community of IBM and non-IBM developers who regularly monitor questions there, and you’re more likely to get a quick response.


      Debmalya Jash

      Thanks for your prompt response.
      I got the error message, after executing above command cf logs APP_NAME –recent.

      It may be very simple thing I missed somewhere in the command. I will check in developer forum. Thanks for providing the link.

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