What are industry models?

An IBM Industry Data Model is a set of business and technical data models that are pre-designed, pre-built to meet the needs of a particular industry. IBM Industry Data Models can jumpstart an organization down the path towards a comprehensive analytics environment by applying proven best practices in data modeling to self-contained units of business functionality.

The models can serve as a foundation for an information management infrastructure where key data have already been identified and made available to the enterprise for decision making at any level.

IBM Industry Data Models also work hand-in-hand with IBM Process and Service Models. Process and Service Models are specifications of processes and services common among organizations in a particular industry. These models represent best practice business process models with supportive service definitions for development of a fluid, service-oriented environment. Many organizations choose to complement their IBM Industry Data Model together with IBM Process and Service Models.


Industry Models - Faster time to value

Faster time to value

Extend existing information infrastructures by helping clients reduce the time and effort needed for analysis and design of functional requirements.

Industry Models - Business agility

Business agility

Build and rationalize data warehouses faster, providing consistent data architecture for modeling new or changed requirements, and compressing the required time compared to customer-built projects.

Industry Models - High-quality business data

High-quality business data

Reduce risk and enable successful delivery of high-quality data for applications across the organization with a streamlined and best-practices approach to business transformation.

Industry Models - Enhanced stakeholder approval

Enhanced stakeholder approval

Improved collaboration between IT and business can increase stakeholder approval and enable IT to build what business needs.

Industry Models - Enterprise information management infrastructure

Enterprise information management infrastructure

Create enterprise-wide key performance indicators (KPIs) and address compliance, reporting and analysis requirements.

Featured product

IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities

Offers a robust set of business and technical data models that are extensible and scalable to fit the unique requirements of the energy and utilities industry.


IBM Banking and Financial Markets Data Warehouse

Reporting and analytic data models for banking and financial markets that can improve reporting, risk and liquidity management, and consolidate trusted information across multiple viewpoints.

IBM Banking Process and Service Models

An industry template that enables you to define common business processes and services across the enterprise.

IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities

Offers a robust set of business and technical data models that are extensible and scalable to fit the unique requirements of the energy and utilities industry.

IBM Unified Data Model for Healthcare

Enable your organization to better understand population-level health, and manage and quantify risk.

IBM Insurance Process and Service Models

Helps optimize business processes, compliance projects and service models for faster development of new core systems and SOA projects.

IBM Insurance Information Warehouse

Delivers compliance and business content to support reporting and investment management.

IBM Telecommunications Data Warehouse

Offers a robust set of business and technical data models that are extensible and scalable to fit the unique requirements of the telecommunications industry.

IBM Retail Data Warehouse

Accelerate the development of reporting and analysis solutions for retail and wholesale and help consolidate trusted information in support of organizational initiatives.

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IBM Master Data Management

Manages master data for single or multiple domains – customers, patients, citizens, suppliers, locations, products, services offerings, accounts and more – for improving application & business process effectiveness.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server

Helps create and maintain trusted information to support strategic business initiatives including big data, point-of-impact analytics, business intelligences, data warehousing, master data management, and application consolidation and migration.


Industry models support for RESTful APIs

See how Banking and Insurance Process and Services Models support fast tracking institutions in their transformation strategies with a UML service design model with REST Applications.

IBM Industry Models support for a data lake architecture

Understand the necessary guidelines and practices for organizations who want to use IBM Industry Models as a key part of their data lake initiative.

Business user focused vocabularies for IBM Industry Models

Learn the guidelines that organizations are using for IBM Industry Models which help build vocabulary assets that are effective in accurately reflecting the meaning and full context of the key business terms that are needed to support the specific needs of the various business focused users.