What are industry data models?

An industry data model from IBM acts as a blueprint with common elements based on best practices, government regulations and the complex data and analytic needs of an industry. A model can help you manage data warehouses and data lakes to gather deeper insights for better decision.

The models include warehouse design models, business terminology and business intelligence templates in a predesigned framework for an industry-specific organization to accelerate your analytics journey.


Reduce time to value

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Analyze and design functional requirements faster using industry-specific information infrastructures.

Build business agility

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Create and rationalize data warehouses using a consistent architecture to model changing requirements.

Deliver high-quality data

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Reduce risk and delivery better data to apps across the organization to accelerate transformation.

Improve audit readiness

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Create enterprise-wide KPIs and address compliance, reporting and analysis requirements.

Industry data models

Financial markets

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Banking and financial markets data warehouse

Use predefined vocabularies, KPIs and data structures for enterprise governance and analytics projects.

Banking process

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Banking process and service models

Predefined financial services-specific vocabularies, workflows, activities and services, interfaces and components, which can help with the analysis and design of business process management and service-oriented architectures


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Insurance information warehouse

These insurance vocabularies, KPIs and data structures can accelerate governance and analytics projects.

Energy and utilities

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Data model for energy and utilities

These energy and utilities vocabularies, KPIs and data structures can accelerate governance and analytics projects.


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Unified data model for healthcare

These healthcare vocabularies, KPIs and data structures can accelerate governance and analytics projects.

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