IBM Global Elite Academy

The Global Elite team brings all the excitement of an IBM hosted conference conveniently to your local site of choice.  Each event is customized based on your company's needs with rich content including workshops, product demos and technical sessions.

Gain in-depth insight of IBM Hybrid Cloud products, discuss top trends with experts in their fields and obtain an insider view of our strategic direction.

How It Works - Your Agenda, Your Way

Choose Your Site

Choose between an IBM site, your corporate location or a third party venue such as a local hotel, conference center or meeting center.

Choose Your Format

GEP Clients have the option to choose between 1- or 2-day agendas, with multiple learning tracks, customized to meet individual client needs.

Choose Your Topics

Select topics from our product portfolios: Hybrid Data Mgmt., Unified Governance & Integration, Data Science & AI, Digital Business Automation, Integration & Development, or Management & Platform.

Design Your Program

Our team will deliver dynamic keynotes, special guest speakers, hands-on demos, workshops and more. A customized agenda aligning with your company needs.

Learn and Explore

Gain Value from IBM Data & AI Platforms

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Hybrid Data Management (Collect)

  • Collect all types of data, structured and unstructured
  • Includes all open sources of data
  • Write once and deploy anywhere
  • Embedded machine learning and data science
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Unified Governance and Integration (Organize)

  • Satisfy all matters of finding, cataloging and masking data
  • Integrates fluid datasets
  • Delivers built-in compliance
  • Leverages advanced machine learning capabilities
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Data Science and AI (Analyze)

  • Delivers descriptive, prescriptive and predictive insights across all types of data
  • Empowers all of your teams and their unique use cases
  • Enables advanced analytics and data science methods


Integrating with IBM Cloud Integration has never been easier

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Digital Business Automation

  • Leverage business automation to business advantage
  • Do more with less by automating, augmenting, enhancing critical processes and decisions
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Integration and Development

  • One platform for simple, fast, and secure multi-cloud integration
  • Next generation technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed over global IP networks

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Management and Platform

  • The best of cloud, agility, and security -- whether off-premises public, dedicated cloud, on- premises private cloud, or any combination

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